Varolii Reveals Advanced Smartphone Solutions to Improve Mobile Customer Interactions and Reduce Operational Costs

SEATTLE, WA, may 02, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) –Varolii Corporation, a market leader in customer interactionmanagement, today announced its new Varolii Mobile Solutions, whichprovide cloud-based customer interaction solutions for smartphoneapplications. These solutions help companies enhance the smartphoneexperience by making companies’ existing smartphone applications morerelevant, useful and visible with smartphone push notifications, richtext messaging and mobile Web applications.

with half of U.S. consumers currently owning at least one smartphone,companies need a more effective mobile strategy to reach and engagewith their customers. However, B2C smartphone application adoptionand usage remains a challenge, as the vast majority of applicationsare abandoned or uninstalled within weeks of being downloaded.

“Smartphone apps provided by major corporate brands can be valuable,but only if consumers are aware of and use them,” said SharathDorbala, vice president of product management and strategy atVarolii. “Varolii’s Mobile Solutions ‘wake up’ an application basedon real-time events that impact that customer’s relationship with thebusiness. Then, it pushes information to the customer — rather thanwaiting for customers to choose to interact — enabling the customerto take action through Web applications, text and voice, with optionsto integrate with the company’s contact center.”

Varolii’s Mobile Solutions “interaction-enable” existing smartphoneapplications by adding push notifications and rich text toproactively engage customers based on key events and triggers.Leveraging Varolii best practices and the Varolii Interact platform,the solutions are also designed to further automate key customerservice touch points that most impact a customer’s relationship withcompanies. By turning smartphone applications into a richerinformation delivery and engagement channel, applications become morerelevant to the consumer, usage increases and customers have moreopportunities to self-serve.

“In order to capture and engage a mobile audience, companies need toput timely, relevant and personalized information at the consumer’sfingertips. Built on the Varolii Interact platform, Varolii MobileSolutions provide a way for companies to turn existing smartphoneapplications into a powerful new customer interaction channel to moreeffectively communicate and build lasting relationships with theirmobile customers,” said Dorbala. “And, working with Varolii’sInteraction Design team, companies can build better brand exposureand establish a superior experience that will drive customers todownload their smartphone applications and keep them coming back formore.”

In addition, companies have historically not fully utilized theconvergence of voice, email, text messages, smartphone applicationsand mobile Web applications into a single mobile communicationsstrategy to maximize reach and engagement to consumers. VaroliiMobile Solutions also help break down siloed interactions acrosstext, email, voice and smartphone push notifications withcommunications that are intelligent and personalized while helpingensure regulatory compliance and increase customer reach. Companiescan also improve interaction response rates by automatically learningand applying consumer preferences as well as enabling moreself-service options for consumers that will help companies reducecosts.

Varolii Mobile Solutions will be provided by the Varolii Mobile Appsoftware development kit (SDK) and hosted Varolii Interact Webapplications. with the free SDK, Varolii will create an open mobileapplication ecosystem where systems integrators and smartphoneapplication developers can enable push notifications from theirsmartphone application that links to Varolii Interact Webapplications to increase smartphone application engagement.

other key Varolii Mobile Solution features include:

— Smartphone Mobile Alerts: Engage customers through push notifications that “wake up” a downloaded smartphone application and launch a Varolii Interact Web application that delivers personalized content and a richer consumer interaction. — Varolii Interact Web Applications: Hosted Web applications that complement Varolii’s voice applications to address particular business pains around customer engagement. These empower companies to share links to their Web applications via text messaging or e-mail so they can deliver cross-channel interactions to mobile consumers regardless of the type of mobile phone they own. — Personalization Beyond Segmentation: Leverage Varolii ID(TM) to automatically personalize and refine customer interactions beyond mere segmentation, enabling true personalization for each individual customer or employee. — Varolii Mobile Consent: Simplify mobile phone number collection and expressed consent or opt-ins for texting consumers, ensuring regulatory compliance for all text message interactions. — Varolii Performance Insight: Enable unified analytics and reporting to make better strategy decisions faster and maximize business results across voice, text messages, email, Web applications, and smartphone push notifications. — Easy Integration with Systems of Record: Seamless integration with customer data for existing Varolii clients, reducing time to deploy new consumer channels such as texting and smartphone push notifications.

Varolii enables more than 400 organizations to reach consumers oremployees in a smart, personalized and cost effective way with itsaward-winning Varolii Interact Platform. Varolii works with Fortune1000 companies, including two of the three largest U.S. banks, threeof the five largest health plans, five of the top 10 airlines and 30of the largest U.S. utilities. Varolii applications generate morethan four million interactions each day.

about Varolii Corporation Varolii is a leading provider of customerinteraction management applications. Our cloud-based communicationservice help organizations more effectively interact with largenumbers of customers and employees through voice, text messages,smartphone applications and email, reducing cost of operations andimproving service. the company’s award-winning Interact platformenables companies to deliver personalized communication on a largescale, achieving better results from fewer interactions. more than450 companies trust Varolii to manage more than four millioninteractions every business day. for more information, visit .

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Varolii Reveals Advanced Smartphone Solutions to Improve Mobile
Customer Interactions and Reduce Operational Costs

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