Using your smartphone to find back-to-school deals

CLEVELAND – we all know the Sunday paper isn’t the only place to find the best deals and coupons nowadays.

Some of the best discounts will probably be found by clicking, scrolling, and even friending, all on the go, using your smartphone.

“You can probably find your favorite retailers and get some good scoop on what they’re planning for back-to-school this year,” said Ellen Davis with the National Retail Federation. “You might even be able to find coupons or other information on other types of promotions.”

A back-to-school survey from one financial consulting firm found that 61 percent of shoppers with web-enabled smartphones will use them to look up price information and comparison shop.

43 percent will download coupons and discounts. and don’t forget social networking.

More than a third of shoppers plan to tap into sites like Facebook and Twitter to look for deals, browse products, and read reviews.

Aeropostale’s Facebook store lets users share what’s in their shopping bag with friends, while JC Penney is asking teens to upload their style-photos to the store’s Facebook page for a chance to win prizes.

For those headed back to campus, Target’s “1,000 likes” Facebook promotion runs through August 31, with daily deals on dorm items like mini-fridges and futons.

Some places also offer deals if you use your phone to “check in” on Facebook, and smartphone apps like Shop Savvy let you scan a product’s bar code to get in store and online prices from different retailers.

And SaleLocator is a website and app that can help you find sales on an item you’re looking for at stores in your area.

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Using your smartphone to find back-to-school deals

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