Upcoming Kinect Action Games 2011

There are several new upcoming Kinect action games coming to Xbox Kinect in the fall of 2011.

Rise of Nightmares is due for release September 6th 2011, now you can navigate through Viktor’s castle with free movement control, uncover the secrets held within and delve deeper into his the mind of a madman. Master the different fighting styles and various weapons, stealthy sneaking and puzzle-solving.

Gunstringer is due for release September 13th 2011, where you’ll puppeteer an awesome skeleton cowboy marionette with your hands move the Gunstringer through his adventures as if you were actually controlling a marionette. the Gunstringer takes standard solo plat forming and shooting mechanics and evolves them for fun competitive action.

Then we have a real Kinect racing games to play:Forza Motorsports 4 is due for release October 11th 2011, Kinect brings an advanced level to racing games. You will now be able to drive a Ferrari and look under the hood of the car, walk around the car, there are so many fun challenges install for you with this game. this game was voted in the top 5 games to play in the E3 games convention.

Also due out October 11th 2011 is Just Dance 3, with 40 songs form a huge variety of entertainers, this looks like another exciting music and dance game.

PowerUp Heros is finally due for release October 18th 2011 and now you can power up and be a super hero. now you can live your childhood fantasy and save the world from bad and evil.
Each hero has different super powers and you aim to collect up to 20 suits along with their super powers. There are different levels, you can fly solo or against other players online or in the same room, this is a Kinect only game and with the Kinect sensor you are free to fight or roam the room to display your dominance.

In late 2011 we will have Fire up Afghanistan – the Chosen Few, now this is a real fighting game in the war in Afghanistan. There are 24 missions and you get the choice of flying a helicopter or plane or you can be a soldier on foot or in a vehicle. You can play from 1-4 players and there are special weapons at each entry level.

We also have sequels to some of the top Kinect games. Your Shape and Fitness Evolved 2012 is due for release November 8th 2011 and then in December we have Star Wars, Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2, both very popular games, so make sure you have a look at the previews to all of these games at Upcoming Kinect Action Games there is something for all ages, if you would like to find out more information about these games please check out the upcoming Kinect action games 2011.

Here are all the new Kinect Games released in 2011

Body and Brains Connection was released 8th February 2011

Dance Paradise was released February 15th 2011

Brunswick Bowling was released on February 28th 2011.

Yoostar 2 was released March 8th 2011, now you can act in your favorite film.

Fantastic Pets was released 15th March 2011

Michael Jackson – the Experience April 12th 2011.

Carnival Games is a game for everyone to enjoy, April 12th 2011.

Kung Fu Panda 2 was released in may 2011.

Child of Eden is the latest Kinect game to make it into the top 5 Kinect games.

UFC Personal Trainer is a mixed martial arts Kinect games with a great workout.

Wipeout in the Zone is based on the tv series Wipeout, this is a Kinect games the whole family can have fun with.

Upcoming Kinect Action Games 2011

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