Uncharted 3 – Drake’s Description

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is the third installment in the series of video games Uncharted. it was confirmed Dec. 9, 2010 for a possible release in late 2011. it is possible to view 3D.

The game’s storyline will focus on the relationship between Nathan Drake and Victor Sully Sullivan. Drake will have to live with the deception of a relative. The action takes place in the Saudi desert Rub al-Khali[3] (Empty Quarter). The main quest of Nathan Drake should be to achieve Iram, City of pillars. During the game, Drake will make a detour to France in an abandoned castle.

His journey will take him on the trail of Thomas Edward Lawrence, which would have an indirect relationship with the ancestor Captain: Sir Francis Drake.

The game was shown for the first time through a VGA video at December 9, 2010. then a second was circulated, longer and which included scenes of the game, all with the release date. then the game was shown by the two presidents Naughty Dog Evan Wells and French Chris Ballestra during a TV show, and Chris Ballestra added that the facilitator was the first person to the general public to test the game

The support of PlayStation Move was not taken into account. Like Water for Drake’s Fortune and snow among Thieves, Drake’s Deception has a specificity in the report: the sand and fire.

A designer, Albert Ng, distinguished himself by creating designs that would appeal to him to have Uncharted 3. The designer, who is not involved in the development of video games, published his essays before the formalization of the title. He named this episode Uncharted 3: World of Deceit and showed mainly monastic environment.

Uncharted 3 – Drake’s Description

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