UK smartphone owners a bit silly when it comes to security

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With the rise of smartphone-based browsing, a study has shown that not everyone is up to speed on security.

Indeed, said study suggests that us Brits are the least security conscious smartphone owners in Europe. Oops.

The YouGuv study found that 93% of 25,000 Europeans (including adults from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain) have a smartphone, compared to 64% who own a desktop computer.

A significant 78% of those surveyed use their smartphones to browse, but only 19% of Brits have security software installed. Worse still, 52% were unaware that smartphone security software existed at all. Oh dear.

“Traditional desktop computers are slowly in decline as more people turn to their smartphone or tablet. this means device security has to be a priority,” says Kaspersky Lab’s Lee Sharrocks.

“After all, they will only continue to increase in popularity and more functions, many of which were formerly available only on PCs, are being added all the time.”

Android and iOS users can in fact protect their smartphones for free, with Lookout being – correct me if I’m wrong here – the most popular.

UK smartphone owners a bit silly when it comes to security

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