Transformers All Spark Xbox 360 Case Mod

In the Transformers movie, it was the all powerful All Spark, a cube shaped device that was able to breath life into mechanical objects and electrical gadgets as well as the source of life for the Transformers.

Case modder and Flickr user Givintats took the concept of All Spark as the basis for his Xbox 360 Case Mod. The design is something that Transformer fans and those in the geek world will appreciate for its attention to detail and the amount of work required to create the final mod.

The cube design started with a simple plywood box that was coated in self-hardening clay. All of the designs and hieroglyphics were then hand etched after which the Xbox was inserted and a final coating of chrome applied. To complete the look, there’s even a really decent looking Decepticons logo added. If you are a fan of do it yourself projects, be sure to check out some of the other mods that we have featured including the Great Pyramid case mod or the Egyptian computer case mod.

Via: Walyou, Technabob

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Transformers All Spark Xbox 360 Case Mod

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