Touch Screen Frenzy: Which Cell Phone is the Best?

Up until a few years ago, smart phones were mainly used as a business tool. However, today they are used as a way to communicate and access information easily and quickly. This is why smart phones have been equipped with touch screens and many other modern features that made these cell phones so popular. the newest models of touch screen mobile phones come with replaceable touch parts. For example, iPod’s screen can be replaced if broken, as well the iPhone’s, where iPhone Replacement screen is available for this exact purpose.

So, what is with this huge demand for touch screens these days? probably the best thing about them is that every touch screen mobile phone has a very large screen. a large screen enables you to watch all kinds of multimedia content easier and with increased excitement. no matter you are playing a game, watching movies or browsing the internet, it is impossible not to enjoy doing any of these on a large screen.

Moreover, they bring you several other benefits. after you get familiar with using the stylus, you will be able to control your phone much easier and type messages quicker. In addition, being able to carry the stylus inside the phone, as almost all of them provide this facility, you will love owning and using a touch screen mobile phone?

Now that we determined what you can get from a touch screen mobile phone, let me make your life easier and present you the best mobile phones that exist so far.

The order is meaningless, so I will start with the Apple iPhone 3GS. Apple has greatly improved this product based on the complaints of ordinary customers, and so it came up with the new iPhone 3GS. it has a built-in 3 MP camera that can also record videos, document editing functions, and multimedia messaging features. Moreover, the iPhone 3GS functions are being constantly improved.

The second mobile phone that I need to mention is the Motorola Droid. This is one of the most popular today. It’s most important features are the 5 MP camera, multitasking capability, 3 key-boards (1 physical and 2 digital), superior call quality, and at last, the 3.7 inch touch screen.

Our third one is the Palm Pre. This touch screen mobile phone was created by Palm with the desire to bring them in the first place. Its main features are the Palm Web Os, Palm Synergy data synchronization and high-tech multitasking capabilities.

The number 4 slot goes to Apple iPhone 3G 16 GB. it has comparatively shorter memory than the 3G’s 32 GB, but the price difference makes the lesser memory capacity not that bad.

The last but not least is the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550. Its standout features it is equipped with are the Wi-Fi, latest version of BlackBerry Handheld Software 5.0 OS, Improved sure Press user interface and doubled memory.

Touch screens can connect you to any part of the world with literally one touch of a finger. They make all types of information, knowledge and entertainment available with much more ease. All you have to do is to determine which of them the best is for you and you feel most comfortable with. then, you will never want to go back to the old keyboard style or to the trackball.

Touch Screen Frenzy: Which Cell Phone is the Best?

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