Top New WWE DVD Releases for the Holiday Season: Fan’s List

With the holiday season fast approaching, a lot of wrestling fans may be asking for World Wrestling Entertainment DVDs to fill their stockings this year. There are several new releases coming out soon, and one that was just released, that shoppers can get a head start on before the stores get filled. what are the top new releases of WWE DVDs to look for this year?

WWE's Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart

This DVD was released in late October and has received a lot of praise. Jim Ross hosts a sit down interview with both competitors and asks them about their careers growing together. both men took nearly-identical routes to the top, but for many, their legacies hinge on that November night in 1997 when "Bret screwed Bret." To see how far these two men gave come over the years from hating each other to being able to sit down and talk about their careers is a great sight. Those who purchase the Blu Ray version of the movie will get the chance to see the infamous screw job match.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: the Bottom Line on the most Popular Superstar of All Time – 11/29

Austin is my favorite superstar of all time, and according to the DVD title, he is the most popular superstar of all time. he may be responsible for single handedly ringing WWE back in the Monday Night Wars over World Championship Wrestling. While there have been several DVD releases about Austin's professional wrestling career, this DVD may be the final one that chronicles the Hall of Famer's career with more depth.

The Best of the King of the Ring – 12/13

Throughout the existence of the King of the Ring Tournament, several stars were born. from Austin and his Austin 3:16 speech to the beginning of King Booker's reign, the event features several high spots. This DVD features countless matches from the tournament, as well other key title and grudge matches. the infamous "Kiss my Foot" match from 1995 between Hart and Jerry Lawler is featured, as is the finals from 2001 that saw Edge defeat Kurt Angle as he began his run to the top of the business. Overall, the Blu Ray set features nearly 30 memorable matches from 1993 when Hart and Bam Bam Bigelow fought in the finals, to 2010 when Sheamus and John Morrison battled for the honor.

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Top New WWE DVD Releases for the Holiday Season: Fan’s List

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