Top Free iPod Applications

iPod apps have become quite the rage. Both useful and trendy, they bring so much greater functionality to the iPod touch and iPhone.

There are paid apps, and there are free apps. Many of the paid ones are usually cheap, costing something like $0.99 to $2.99. the most expensive app to date reportedly costs $900, but hardly anyone buys it at that price.

With the free apps, you of course do not have to spend anything. Surprisingly, and to the glee of iPod users worldwide, a lot of free apps work wonderfully well and are quite useful. below is a short list of the current top free apps. Bear in mind, however, that new apps are being created each day, so this list is likely to be updated anytime.

The top free apps in the games category are: Farm Story Summer, Tap Birds, Build-a-lot, South Park Mega Millionaire, and Ninjas Live. most of the time, games make it to the top lists, because they are in demand pretty much all the time. Many iPod users are children and teenagers, and games are their usual fare.

An app called iBooks is also very popular. through it, books can be downloaded and read on the iPod device.

The top list also includes Facebook, Farmville by Zynga, and Twitter. These social networking apps are favored especially by the younger set.

The top free utilities apps are: Mirror for Face, Convert Units, 15,000 WallPapers, PDF Reader Lite, and Bluetooth Photo Share.

In the productivity category, these make it to the top list: Best Alarm Clock, how to Tie a Tie, Opera Mini Web Browser, Use Your Handwriting, and 53 Languages (a translation app).

Top Free iPod Applications

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