Top 3 News Stories That Didn’t Make the Front Page in 2007

It’s that time of the year where we reflect and look back at the top news stories of the
year. But, what about those stories that didn’t make the big headlines? the ones that
were buried on page 97? This is due, in part, to the fact that many times the article is
short on information and many of the questions that you would like to have asked go

In keeping with the journalistic integrity that I swore to when I took my Oath of
Hypocrisy, I would like to present several of these articles from the past year and ask
those tough, unanswered questions.

The first article comes from Maryland where the Assistant Maryland State Veterinarian
says that racing pigeons from new Jersey, new York and Pennsylvania must have health
certificates before flying to Maryland because of avian influenza. my first question is
obvious. How do you know when a pigeon has the flu? How do you get the
thermometer under their little tongues? and, most importantly, do they get charged sick
days if they don’t race?

Another question comes to mind. How do they carry the health certificate? Isn’t their
just so much room in those containers strapped to their legs? and, what about this flu?
Can humans catch it? what are some of the symptoms? Will I have an uncontrollable
urge to want to leave little spots on my neighbor’s windshield? Will I be found sitting in
the park on top of the General Custer statue? These were the questions not answered in
the article.

The next story comes from Frenchboro, Maine. Apparently, they had an opening for the
sixth time, in as many years, for a teacher in it’s twelve student, one-room schoolhouse.
Here comes the kicker. Frenchboro, Maine is an island ten miles out in the Atlantic
Ocean. my question here is, who makes up the twelve students? Gilligan, the Skipper,
The Professor, the Movie Star, Mary Ann and mr. and Mrs. Thurston Howell?
The article goes on to say that qualifications include a love of solitude and the ability to
survive harsh winters. They left out one important qualification. you must never have
seen the shining. the article also says you must be able to do without stores, movie
theaters, and restaurants. Now, there’s a plus.

So, what is there to do in Frenchboro, Maine? the last teacher there said that she is
stepping down to spend more time with her new baby. Okay, now I know what there is
to do in Frenchboro, Maine.

The next story comes from Hillside, new Jersey. A Newark postal clerk was honored,
recently, with a special headstone for bravely protecting the mail from going down with
the Titanic ninety-five years ago. my question is, what kind of mail would be on the
Titanic? A postcard from the ship’s gift shop that says, dear Cousin Cleo, Having a
wonderful time. wish you were.what was that?

So, there you have it. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for another selection of interesting,
yet pointless, stories in 2008 and I won’t give up until I have asked the really tough
questions. Now, where was that story about the guy who mailed himself to Latin
America in a number ten envelope?

Top 3 News Stories That Didn’t Make the Front Page in 2007

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