Tom Brady takes shots at himself

The 20000 square-foot mansion took 20 months to complete and boasts 8 bedrooms and a 6-car garage.

But even that was weird: Tom Brady, the field general of the Patriots' passing attack, instead scored on a dive over the line in the fourth quarter to give the Patriots a 23-20 lead. That was Brady's second dive on the Pats'

Put Bill Belichick first and Tom Brady second, if you like. Or vice versa. it doesn't really matter, because here they are again, on the cusp of another impressive NFL breakthrough. JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images Ten years after celebrating their first

It will be Tom Coughlin versus Tom Brady in the Super Bowl for the ages in Indianapolis in two weeksThe two may be of Irish American heritage but the similarities end right thereCoughlin is the epitome of self effacing,

(The New York Post) – Tom Brady sat through the final, fateful seconds of the New England Patriots' AFC Championship win helpless on the sideline Sunday. and after Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff's miss sealed the 23-20 victory, he sidled over to team

Tom Brady takes shots at himself

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