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Mayor Alvin Brown spoke Wednesday on why he broke a campaign promise and signed up for a retirement plan that’s costing taxpayers.

Brown apologized for what he called a mistake and said he’s taking care of it, though he would not talk about whether he knew what he was doing when he checked the box to sign up for the plan.

Brown signed the paperwork shortly after taking office last year. on it, he checked off the Florida Retirement System Investment Plan, similar to a 401k. It’s a plan where the city triples the amount of money Brown pays into it.

FORM: Alvin Brown’s enrollment for with the Florida Retirement System

“Well, obviously I made a mistake, and I take full responsibility for it,” Brown said. “As you know, I am going to make sure taxpayers have no resources paying for my retirement. I made a commitment that I would take a 20 percent pay cut — I did that; pay for my own parking — I don’t have a take-home car; and I am going to make sure the taxpayers don’t foot the bill.”

Brown’s staff said finding out about the mayor being signed up for a retirement plan was a surprise and was just one of many documents Brown signed when taking office.

“Well, I did not pay any attention to it, Jim, to be honest with you,” Brown told Channel 4’s Jim Piggott on his reports about the issue. “Again, when there is an issue, you look at it, you face it and you deal with it.”

The city is looking at options to see how it can recoup the money.

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