Thoughts on our Wildcat Formation heading into the season? – Jets …

This is just one small aspect of our Offense, that Jet fans really haven’t talked about all that much this offseason.

Last year we seen Brad Smith come on strong for the Jets heading into the playoffs out of the Wildcat Formation.

Brad Smith showed us all what he could do out of the Wildcat Formation against the Bengals during week 17; 4 Rushing Attempts, 92 yards, 1 TD.

Against the Colts? We finially seen Brad Smith pass the Football out of the Wildcat Formation; Connecting with Jerricho Cotchery for 45 yards.

I would hate to see the Jets run the formation as much as the Dolphins, but I would love to see this Formation a good 3-4 or maybe even 5 times per game. the Jets actually have the types of players in place, that can cause plenty of confusion for opposing D’s.

Brad Smith can be our Ronnie Brown type of X-Factor under Center. the key is: Brad Smith can actually hit the open man. Brad Smith was actually one of the most productive rushing QB’s of all time during his college years.

Shonn Greene can become our Ricky Williams type of Power back.

We also have two backs in L.T and Joe McKnight who can catch out of the Backfield. L.T also has experience with this formation.

Brad Smith under center, Shonn Greene on one side, with L.T in motion before the snap of the ball? could be exciting.

Thoughts on our Wildcat Formation heading into the season? – Jets …

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