Thomas Kinkade Paintings Inspire Community Design

Thomas Kinkade paintings are so beloved you can actually live in one. in 2006, HST Group began planning a community called The Gates of Coeur d’Alene. Located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the master-planned neighborhood will be based on five Thomas Kinkade paintings: Beyond Autumn Gate, Blessings of Spring, Gardens beyond Spring Gate, Lamplight Manor and Winsor Manor.

Thomas Kinkade paintings come from the mind of an artist who is a devout Christian. Though he has been criticized for commercializing his art, Kinkade is the most collected living artist in America.

Born in 1958 in Placerville, California, Thomas Kinkade has been making his living as an artist since co-writing the best-selling book The Artist’s Guide to Sketching. He and a college friend produced the book after a summer sketching tour. the success of the book brought notoriety for Thomas Kinkade. Paintings and other art were soon his sole source of income.

Thomas Kinkade is often referred to as the Painter of Light. His style is generally pastoral and realistic, with a touch of idyllic brought in with his use of light and shadow. it is estimated that one in ten homes in America has Thomas Kinkade paintings, prints or other form of art.

The Gates of Coeur d’Alene community will allow homeowners to go beyond hanging Kinkade art in their homes and actually live inside it. the first five homes will be based on the following Thomas Kinkade paintings.

Beyond Autumn Gate

This painting came about when Kinkade revisited a gate he had painted many years before and entitled Autumn Gate. On the second visit, he stepped through the gate to see the manor beyond. He considered the larger manor to be a nice departure from the small cottages featured in most of his work.

Blessings of Spring

Featuring a Victorian manor that is an actual inn in England, this home will be stately and impressive. Kinkade discovered the house while on a walk and was pulled to it as he imagined guests arriving in carriages, dressed in their finest.

Gardens beyond Spring Gate

Painted just prior to his 40th birthday, Thomas Kinkade calls the gardens in this painting his idea of Eden. the house is really just a backdrop, a gateway to enter the loveliest imaginable setting for a civilized life.*

Lamplight Manor

Part of the Lamplight Lane series, Lamplight Manor features a large manor on the brook Windemer. Kinkade himself pictures the inside with sweeping spiral staircases, the luxurious tapestries, and the dignified library.

Winsor Manor

Thomas Kinkade painted Winsor Manor on the occasion of his third daughter’s birth. Named after her, the great house looms before us, its sweeping gables forming a dramatic ‘W’. He considers this manor the perfect setting for gathering family and friends together.

Though not for everyone, The Gates of Coeur d’Alene is certainly a tribute to the popularity of and love for Thomas Kinkade paintings.

*All quotes are Thomas Kinkade’s own words.

Thomas Kinkade Paintings Inspire Community Design

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