Third Party VoIP Applications for the iPhone

New third party applications are giving iPhone users more options especially when it comes to calling overseas.

Both new and existing iPhones can take advantage of these emerging applications. The latter will require an update to their existing operating system to version 2.0.

Truphone’s VoIP app
One of the first voIP apps on the market it allows users to make calls over Truphone’s backbone from wifi hotspots. The software does have limitations however in that you cannot connect to its network using a cellular signal thereby limiting its ue to these hotspots.

Packet8 Mobile Talk for iPhone
Almost the opposite of what Truphone offers Packet8 allows dialers to access its VoIP calling through a cellular connection. The call is established through accessing your iPhone browser and using a Web portal. The portal imitates the iPhone dialer.

JAJAH’s iPhone App
Not yet available JAJAH’s application will allow users to make calls over a 3G network. Calls will utilize wifi data networks. The user can select the call to go over this network which will connect the calls via a VoIP link. This looks to be promising as we migrate over to 3G networks.

iCall App
Similar to Truphone this Beta app will use wifi links to access VoIP networks. The benefit of this service is the convergence of both cellular and wifi which allows users to switch between wifi and cellular calls without interruption.

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