The Wizard of Oz – Will the 2011 Remake Have Box Office Success?

The 1939 production – The Wizard of Oz – can truly be considered one of the most popular movies of all time. In its 70+ years of existence it has been watched by millions, if not even billions of people all over the world being broadcast almost continuously on TV stations and in cinemas. Few, if any, of the initial producers and actors would have dreamed that the movie will be successful to this tremendous degree.

At the time of its release it won 2 Academy Awards but in the years to come the movie kept getting praises form movie lovers and from movie critics alike. It has even been named as the movie with the greatest sound tack in history by The Observer.

With all the success to look up to, a new movie based on Baum’s original publication The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is planned for 2011. although it is not considered to be a remake of the 1939 production, it will inevitably have many similarities with it and the public will most likely compare the two productions.

This being said, it is an obvious conclusion that the new release will have the bar set up very high and along with it the public’s expectations will also be at the same level. It remains to be seen if it will have remarkable success at the box office.

One fact is for sure though: the future production will greatly benefit from the success of the previous one. Having millions of true fans already is a huge advantage for any new movie. Thus, even if it will turn out to be a mediocre film, the production houses profits will be huge.

Until the new release, old fans can watch the 1939 production a few times over or they can tend to their collections of items related to the movie.

The Wizard of Oz – Will the 2011 Remake Have Box Office Success?

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