The Tumblr For Amanda Bynes’ #1 Fan Penelope Taynt Is As Crazy As We’d Expect

While writing about Emma Stone‘s guest spot on iCarly playing Miranda Cosgrove‘s biggest fan, I couldn’t help but recall the most famous uberfan for Millennials: Penelope Taynt, the jittery, sweater-vest-clad worshipper prone to tacking on “PLEASE” to every statement in the cold opens for The Amanda Show. Obviously this was Amanda Bynes in a black wig, but the cult character exemplified Amanda’s knack for over-the-top humor. (And once I learned what a “taint” actually was thanks to Urban Dictionary, I became convinced that Amanda was trying to troll us.) Here’s a refresher, or an introduction for you weirdos who have no idea who she is:

Sadly, when The Amanda Show got cancelled and Ms. Bynes devolved into questionable makeovers, quitting Twitter, and multiple texting-while-driving incidents, Penelope seemed lost forever. she was a figure from a forgotten era, like Lori Beth Denberg‘s “Vital Information for your Everyday Lives” girl or Kenan Thompson as Pierre L’Escargot on All That.

Then I began to explore the one place where I knew that Penelope could live on: Tumblr. even though the platform is only a few years ago, whoever runs the Penelope Taynt Tumblr has made it as ’90s/early-’00s-esque as possible. There are flashing GameBoys and .gifs from Sailor Moon, not to mention one epic photo combining Furbies and Neopets.

Recent videos she’s linked to include one unfortunate soul who tried to emulate the cinnamon challenge with flour and cayenne pepper. Yep, you can bet that Penelope gets some schadenfreude out of those videos. If the person’s intent was to completely channel Penelope, then s/he succeeded: this Tumblr is carefully curated to pay homage to everything from the ’90s, and matches Penelope’s frenetic attention span.

So right as I was finishing this post, it occurred to me to Google Penelope’s website for Amanda… and despite Wikipedia saying that it was taken down in 2011, still exists! So now you have double the opportunities to relive this odd little character, including these hilarious stalker photos above and below.


Photos: Amanda PleasePenelope Taynt on Tumblr

The Tumblr For Amanda Bynes’ #1 Fan Penelope Taynt Is As Crazy As We’d Expect

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