The Smartphone Era

The smartphone has changed the way we think and live. It is no surprise that market is flood with these incredible devices manufactured by different companies. also there are lot of applications available that makes these devices even smarter.

As the two major players in the smartphone markets Android and iPhone operating systems have plenty in offering. Android with its open source nature is more developer friendly than iPhone. IPhone on the other hand got features that originally set the trend for smart phones.

Whether you should go for iPhone or Android is a matter of personal choice, but the number of users for Android is on a steep rise. this is because various smartphone manufacturing companies use Android OS because of its open source nature on their devices. The fact that Google supports Android development works favorably for that OS.

A smartphone becomes really smart when the operating system is able to leverage the hardware features provided by the device. in fact the hardware is designed around the operating system, so this is not going to be a showstopper. with every new release of OS, there are new features, which make your smartphone to acquire more capabilities.

From a developer’s perspective, iPhone application development means learning Cocoa development environment and Objective C and you have to rely on a Mac OS machine for development. Android on the other hand being an open source, applications can be developed from a Linux or Windows machine and has support from Eclipse IDE support. If you know core java, then Android development is going to be very easy to follow. Both the application development follows of MVC or Model View Controller architecture.

The Smartphone Era

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