The Secret Side of New York’s Restaurants

One way to really get to know a place is by eating, drinking and dancing with the locals. If you’re visiting the city but want to boast about doing something different to your friends, try visiting some of these secrets eateries for more original trip to new York.

Marlow and Sons (81 Broadway, Brooklyn)

Most people who know Marlow and Sons know it as an ordinary grocery store. but keep walking through the shop, past shelves of groceries and you will notice the lighting get dimmer and you find yourselves in a hidden restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxed and the and the bar is full with fantastic snacks such as olives, bread and Chorizo and fresh fish. The simple menu and excellent wine selection make this hidden treasure and if you can look past the long queues and the slightly high prices, Marlow and Sons is a great little place to find fantastic high quality food.

Burger Joint (118 W 57th St)

If you love fast food then try this secret Burger Bar in the Theatre District. Tucked away behind an unmarked door in the lobby of the very posh Le Parker Meridien Hotel (118 W 57th St) is a restaurant that could rival any of new York’s top burger joints. Miles apart from the swanky interior of the hotel, this place has graffiti on the walls, low ceilings and is decorated with old movie posters and retro beer signs. you have to order quickly or you get sent to the back of the line, the place is quite small and they only accept cash, but the big tasty burgers are well worth the hassle.

The back Room (102 Norfolk St)

For something a bit quirkier, try The back Room. The discreet entrance is marked lower East side Toy Company and you have to go down a corridor and set of stairs to get in. The small cosy bar serves it cocktails in tea cups, its wine wrapped in a brown paper bag and has a fully working candlestick phone. you do have to be 25 and over and it’s best to take plenty of cash with you because the minimum spend on card is pretty high

The Secret Side of New York’s Restaurants

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