» The Secret Service Needs To Up Their Hiring Criteria Barstool Sports: New York City

Newser – Up to 21 prostitutes may have joined 11 Secret Service agents and not five but as many as nine military personnel in their hotel in Colombia, officials now say. As those numbers tick up, other numbers emerge—related to the payment that brought the scandal to light. The Washington Post talked to insiders in Cartagena who say agents paid $60 each to strip club owners to bring two women to the Hotel Caribe. The next day, one woman sought another $170, prompting the argument that brought the scandal to light. MSNBC, however, talked to a government source who said the prostitute demanded more money for servicing two men, but the source said the argument was over another $40 to $60. in other financial news, it’s emerged that two of the Secret Service agents involved were compensated at the top of the agency’s pay scale, likely taking in at least $110,000 a year. Secret Service head mark Sullivan is pushing for an independent investigation of the matter, Sen. Chuck Grassley tells the AP; Sullivan apparently claims he has been getting conflicting reports about whether the women were actually prostitutes.

So I’m talking with Feitelberg earlier today about this Secret Service scandal. Of course that idiot is all like “Isn’t that what Secret Service agents do?? Fuck sluts and save the word!” Uhh what are you some sort of idiot? Dude has fallen on his head stage diving as a canary one too many times.

If I’m the POTUS the last guys I want protecting me are a bunch of simpletons easily persuaded by the pussy. more importantly, dudes who are dumb enough to let some Colombian whore bring the entire Secret Service down over a measly 170 bucks. those are the last fucking guys who should be hired to assemble one of the best security details on the planet. you know who gets persuaded by chicks at a strip club? Dudes like me. I end up spending 60 bucks at the end of the night because “Pony” by Ginuwine just came on and I wanna trying to get an OTPHJ. you know who gets played for a fool by whores? Kurt Kaiser the idiot from earlier today who got robbed of $500,000 worth of diamonds by a lady of the night.

And spare me that whole “Hey they’re only human!” Fuck that! If I’m the President I want freaking robots watching me. Dickless, emotionless robots with laser beams attached to their heads who are worrying about keeping me alive and not thinking about when the next time they’re gonna get their rocks off. So I say the first round of interviewing and screening for the Secret Service should be a Colombian whore shaking her ass in front of the applicant. If they get a boner, they’re out.

» The Secret Service Needs To Up Their Hiring Criteria Barstool Sports: New York City

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