The PS3 160GB Console – Awesome Technology And A Great Gaming Experience

The introduction of the PlayStation 3 160GB marked a major milestone within the Sony gaming arena. the device presents a whole range of functions and features that were previously available on the previous versions of the PlayStation gaming consoles that have since been refined thereby making them more advanced. Moreover, PS3 160GB has also incorporated new features that promise to take the gaming scene to the next level.

The PS3 160GB console runs on an IBM cell processor just like its predecessors while it depends on the NVIDIA processor for the graphical aspects. the two processors handle two trillion calculations within every second. It’s also compact in size and comes with a fan that is a quieter compared to the previous versions because it is designed to save energy. It also has the capability of delivering high quality digital pictures as well as sound that are compatible to projectors and high definition televisions due to the presence of the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).

Gamers who cherish great sound effects can be sure to enjoy this feature because not only does the 160GB PS3 console support DTS 5.1 but also Linear PCM and Dolby Digital 5.1. the other powerful feature of the PS3 160GB console is that it allows cross connectivity with the PlayStation portable and the PC network. Gamers can also download more content from the internet onto the 160 GB drive which does not support backward compatibility.

With the PlayStation 3 160GB, gamers are guaranteed an awesome viewing experience as it uses the Blu-ray format of disc media that relays high definition images. this together with the graphics and system processors present mind blowing content and games. other formats that are supported by the PS3 160GB include CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM and DVD+R. Gamers could also connect to the internet for more features while playing as this PlayStation version comes with BD Live support that enables this feature to function smoothly. this is in addition to the fact that accessing the PlayStation network for game demos, more games, competing in tournaments, playing mini games, movies as well as other additional content is unlimited.

The gaming experience on the PS3 160GB is quite intuitive, a factor that is attributed to the presence of a Dualshock wireless controller as well as sensors that are found in every action button which have been coupled with the Sixaxis motion sensing technology that is highly sensitive. As such, users can be sure to feel the rumble in every crash, explosion and hit within the palm of their hands. the Dualshock also has the capability of detecting interactive play at high precision as well as other real time movements as it serves as an extension to the body of the gamers.

It also incorporates Bluetooth technology to allow wireless gaming thus enhancing the whole PlayStation experience. PS3 160GB can also be synchronized with a range of Sony products through Bravia Synch that promotes connectivity to other Sony HDMI products using one remote control. in summary, the PS3 160GB promises to take the gaming experience to a whole new level for everyone.

The PS3 160GB Console – Awesome Technology And A Great Gaming Experience

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