The New PS3 Slim Release Date and Specs

Just last week, Sony unveiled it Playstation 3 Slim version. the gaming console, is a slimmer and lighter version of older PS3 consoles. it carries a 120GB hard drive, which is an upgrade from the 80GB of storage offered in the earlier PS3. the console will sell for US$299 and become available on September 1.

Sony has made some enhancements under the hood to boost its processing speed and power efficiency. the PS3 Slim will carry an upgraded version of the Cell microprocessor, which is being jointly developed by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba.

Many gaming fans are rushing to pre-order this unit to make sure they recieve it by its release date. the PS3 slim looks, as you’d expect, kind of like a diet-PS3, except for the part where it’s still full-featured only priced $100 less. make that 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter, roughly as tall, but thinner, with a matte finish all around.

Cheaper and smaller? Yes, and everyone from the home gamer to the custom automotive sector will appreciate this. It’s 33 percent smaller and it uses 34 percent less power to operate. A smaller processor means cheaper manufacturing costs for Sony which is reflected in the price.

The battle between the PS3 Slim and the Xbox 360 will surely be won by Sony this Christmas unless Microsoft can step up its game. A Slim Xbox 360? not anytime soon from what I hear but that would level the playing field for me. hopefully that will happen soon.

The New PS3 Slim Release Date and Specs

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