The iPod Nano Review

In this review article we are going to review all the three-generation of the iPod nano. if we take a quick look of the history then we find that the work on the nano is started 9 months before the introduction of it. They are available in three rates 1 GB ($ 149 USD) 2 GB ($ 199 USD) and 4 GB ($ 249 USD).

1 GB has the capacity of 240 songs, 2 GB has the capacity of 500 songs and 3 GB has the capacity of 1000 songs. on 7 February 2006 apple upgraded their 1 GBinto 2 GB and 3 GB ipod nano. Apple uses the simple integrated circuits (IC). hence due to this feature the cost of the ipod increases. Japanese engineers estimated the cost of the 2 GB ipod nano as between JP22000 and JP27000 ($185 USD-$227 USD) which is very high.

On 12 September 2006 appel upgraded their 1st generation to 2nd generation. this 2nd generation is more advanced than 1st one. It is resistant to scratch and available in many colors (silver, green, pink, etc). Its display is upgraded as they provided a brighter screen. Its battery life increases. In 2nd generation they give a search option also to facilitate the user to find out the respective song easily. It has increased memory also. In the second generation one of the best feature is that it can play mp3 files without giving any gap between them. In the second generation they lock the colors with the model for instance silver with 2 GB model, green blue silver and pik with 4 GB model and black with 8 GB model. the company claims that the 2nd generationis 32 % lighter than 1st generation.

At last apple updated ipod nano on 5 September 2007. the third generationis many steps ahead from the 2nd generation. the third generation is also having many colors. It has 2 inch OVGA screen. It supports the new games. the ipod nano 4 GB has the price US$199 (UK129.99) and its colour is silver on the other hand ipod nano 8 GB has the price US$199 (UK129.99) and available in silver, turquoise, mint green and black color. Its battery life is also increases to 24 hours. on 22 January 2008 apple releases a new versionwith the memory capacity of 8 GB, its feature is, that it is compatible with MAC OS X and windows xp.

The iPod Nano Review

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