The iPhone 4S – The Current Top Selling Smartphone in the Market

Of all the smartphones in the market, which phone is at the top of the tier when it comes to sales? is it an Android phone? is it a Windows Phone? is it a Blackberry? Currently, it is Apple’s latest smartphone the iPhone 4S. as of this December, it is making its way to happy shoppers on their Christmas spending spree.

When it comes to platforms, Android is in pole position. they sell close to 100% more compared to iPhones. they account for 2/3rd of the market. However, iPhones dominate the market place when individual manufacturers are concerned. Out of the 5 models Apple makes, all 5 of them are in the top 15 top selling phones.

This information comes to us via GfK. According to GfK, Apple’s handsets account for 1/3rd of the market. true, Android handsets dominate these figures. However, Android manufacturers do not even come close to the sales Apple has achieved with its handsets. There is only one Android manufacturer that rivals the Cupertino firm’s success. this is the Korean-based company Samsung.

Samsung has a number of models under its belt. However, there is one that has been giving the iPhone 4S a run for its money. this is the Galaxy S2. this is Samsung’s current flagship. Although it did not nab 1st place this December, it has been the top selling phone for 8 months running since it was launched in April of this year.

Although we are starting to see a shift in the consumer’s interest in mobile phone technology, Apple is still going strong. this is according to Katy Huberty of global finances firm Morgan Stanley. Huberty predicts that the Cupertino firm will sell as much as 100 million units of iPhones by the end of the year. these phones include the 3G, 3G S, 4, and the iPhone 4S. Currently, the company has reportedly sold over 50 million handsets. With Christmas shoppers on a spending spree, we will see more consumers on iPhones.

Why is the iPhone 4S doing so well? it is expected to be. after all, it is the latest smartphone Apple has to offer. since the company’s cult following has a tendency to line up for the entire day just to get the new handset, we’re not surprised this phone is doing so well. In fact, it sold a total of 4 million units in the first 3 days it went on sale.

The iPhone 4S is the current leader when it comes to smartphone sales. We’re sure it will stay this way until Apple releases its next generation smartphone.

The iPhone 4S – The Current Top Selling Smartphone in the Market

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