The iPhone 4 – What’s So Great About It?

When Apple released their new iPhone 4 a few months back, it was as though a temporary insanity descended on the country, with people sleeping outside stores to get their hands on the latest offering from the tech giant. Apple has a cult-like following and everyone from computer support guys to trendy musicians are willing to throw up their hands and say ‘I’m a Mac’. but what is so special about the iPhone 4 anyway? why all the fuss? is the hyped-up launch of new iPhones nothing more than a clever marketing strategy or is there something about the new model that means we simply have to have it? Here are a few features the iPhone 4 has that its predecessors did not. decide for yourself whether you think it’s worth the buzz.

Retina Display

For all those budding photographers out there or people who are looking for a very sharp focus in their screen, the iPhone 4’s ‘retina display’ might grab your interest. Basically, the screen of the Phone 4 is the same size as other models, but has 4 times as many mega-pixels squeezed into the area. this means far sharper images, brighter colours and better photo display. Basically, everything you do will be clearer. Steve Jobs has said there’s a magic number around 300dpi, if you hold something about 10-12 inches away from your eye, it’s the limit of the human retina to distinguish pixels which sounds very impressive–and is–but basically is a sophisticated and marketing-y way of saying the screen and visibility are better.

Better Camera

In the age of instant happy-snaps and uploading, a good-quality phone camera is becoming an increasingly important feature to look for. the camera on the iPhone 3 experienced some poor reviews in consumer forums, especially in relation to the cost of the phone. the camera on the iPhone 4 is 5 mega-pixels and has the capacity to record movies in HD. In addition to this the iPhone 4 has video calling (on wifi) which is pretty cool in and of itself.

Sleeker, Slimmer Design

In this thin-obsessed world we live in it seems that even phones can be forced to lose weight which is what Apple have done with their new model. the iPhone 4 has a slimline style to make a supermodel jealous and is lighter than before. the design has caused some reception issues which is a flaw that people are talking about, so if you haven’t the time for computer repairs or reception issues when it comes to your technology this could count as a tick against it.

Whether you love or hate the iPhone 4, there’s no denying that Apple certainly put a lot of work into developing the new model, and perhaps even more work into telling everyone about it. the best thing to do if you’re considering upgrading is to list all the qualities you want in a phone as well as all the things you’d like to see improved on, and see if the iPhone 4 matches up.

The iPhone 4 – What’s So Great About It?

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