The Future of the Gaming Industry – The Xbox Kinetic Is Truly Remarkable

Take your self on a gaming experience of epic proportion. the new Xbox kinetic was designed to bring people into gaming that normally would not be a gamer. with an unique full body game play, where your whole body is the controller.

The Xbox 360 has just jumped into the motion sensor gaming technology. the PlayStation 3 just released the PlayStation move controller. Xbox had to come up with something unique of their own, so Xbox has just release the kinetic, which enables full body game play.

The Xbox kinetic is very unique in the fact the kinetic isn’t a controller at all. It’s a sensor which plugs into your console via USB port. the idea behind it, was to create an innovative way to bring games to all ages of people. the kinetic wants to bring people and families together in a social way as you can all play together. So in sorts, the Xbox 360 is now advertising itself as the new family gaming console. the kinetic is very cool, in the fact you play a game the way you think it should be played. If for example you are playing a soccer game, you would use your legs and feet in a similar fashion as playing soccer. this is a perfect way for kids to exercise in the dead of winter. Even for adults of all ages, video games are a perfect way to get off the couch and moving.

The kinetic uses no controllers or cords to play, all sensor technology. the coolest part is the fact it is voice activated. Meaning you can know tell your Xbox 360 console to turn on, shut off, and browse all with the quick movement of your hand. this quite possibly could be the future of the gaming industry.

The kinetic does sound like a great gadget to enhance your gaming experience. the motion sensor sounds great, but how good are the games going to be? Gamers want to be able to play the action adventure, role playing games with this device. the current library only consists of: sports games, exercise games, and so on. the kinetic will cost you around $150, which is pretty expensive for a gadget. I just need to know if quality games or going to be released or will it have the same lack luster library of the Nintendo Wii.

The Future of the Gaming Industry – The Xbox Kinetic Is Truly Remarkable

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