The Flag That Flew Over The White House During JFK’s Assassination

One of the saddest but most memorable events in presidential history will always be the terrible assassination of the late John F. Kennedy. the official American flag that flew over the White House on the day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated has been located by a private collector in the United States. Over 25 years ago, it was presented to said collector by once White House doorman Preston Bruce, accompanied with impeccable provenance.

The flag is approximately 5′ x 9.5′. now known as the official American Mourning Flag, it flew at half-staff above the White House, from November 19th to December 8, 1963. This would have covered part of the official days of mourning-30 days for the late President-, and there was only one other official flag that continuously flew over the executive mansion during this period. the second official flag is believed to be in the John F. Kennedy Library. Mr. Bruce believed that the second one was presented to the President’s widow, Jacqueline B. Kennedy. Bruce was also, alongside others, standing behind the Kennedy family at Arlington National Cemetery on the day that Kennedy was laid to rest-November 25th 1963.

Mr. Bruce gave witness to the collector that following the assassination, other members of the Kennedy family received a so-called Official Flag that was actually run up and down another flagpole, at another location at the White House. they would not have, however, the documentation that would usually accompany this particular flag.

Mr. Bruce addressed full-page letter of provenance to the aforementioned collector, and thereafter attested to important facts pertinent to the flag.

Accompanied with the flag is documentation of his relationship with the President as well as specifics about the flag itself. He describes the flag as a bit faded, and torn at the corners. He had written in ink on its canvas edge . Preston Bruce, White House Doorman. November 19, 63 – Rec. Dec. 8/63, which are the exact dates over which the flag was flown over the White House. Additionally, he wrote: Preston Bruce–White House Doorman, 53 – 77 (which are the years in which Bruce served in the White House), 19th NOV. 63 — J.F.K.. the flag was dropped to half-staff immediately following the radio announcement of the President’s death. Bruce recalls standing there at the time, staring straight at this American flag as it was sadly lowered to half-staff at the executive mansion.

The Flag That Flew Over The White House During JFK’s Assassination

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