The Dallas Mavericks Tie the Series at 2 Against the Miami Heat

It wasn’t pretty but the Dallas Mavericks managed to tie the series against the Miami Heat by winning 86-83. They overcame not only the Miami Heat but their leader Dirk Nowitzki was suffering from a 101 degree fever yet he managed to gather enough strength to score 10 points in the last quarter, including a layup in that put the Mavericks up by three with them clinging to a one point lead. the Heat had a chance to tie, but on their last position Dwayne Wade fumbled the inbound pass yet he managed to get the ball to Mike Miller who air balled a three point shot.

The Mavericks won this game by getting down and dirty and doing thing they’re not accustomed doing. They played tough defense, rebounded especially in the fourth quarter and making just enough shots down at the end. things were not looking good in the fourth when they trailed by 9 with ten minutes to play. but like they have the entire playoffs they rallied. this time they did it not with their potent offense, but with defense. They held the Heat to fourteen points in fourth quarter by going to zone and making the Heat take long jump shots with the clock running down. Jason Terry who again struggled throughout made a couple of jump shots to keep the Mavericks in it, until Notwitzki took over. Notwitzki who started off fast by making his first three shots, yet as the game wore on you could tell he was ill, yet he fought through the illness and was clutch down the stretch just like he’s been throughout the playoffs. He basically willed the Mavericks to this win. He got help from Shawn Marion who scored 16 points and played great defense on Lebron James and Tyson Chandler who had 16 rebounds but more importantly played over 40 minutes and not getting in foul trouble. this was important because Brendon Haywood was still ailing with his injury. this was a gutty and much needed win. A type of effort they are going to need this series.

The Heat blew their chance to take control of this series. When they got up by nine with ten minutes to play, you would have thought with their defense that lead should hold up. but it didn’t. Dwayne Wade who’s last second fumble ( reminded Dallas fans of the Tony Romo’s fumble against Seattle a few years back in playoff game) who costly but it wasn’t the reason the Heat lost. Wade did part scoring 32 point on a variety of jump shots, and dunks and even had a couple of highlight blocks. One in particular was against center Tyson Chandler. but Wade could not do it by himself as Chris Bosh was the only other player in double figures. LeBron James disappeared as he fell in love with his jump shot. in the fourth quarter with the Mavericks in zone, it took the Heat out of their offense as they were content to shoot jump shot after jump shot. at the end it looked like the Heat were spent from all the hard defense they played and had nothing else left. the Heat have outplayed the Mavericks for most of the series and have led for large chunks of the game. They easily could have been up at least 3-1, but are instead they are tied and it’s now a three game series. the good news for the Heat is that this series is being played at their pace. the bad news is that the Mavericks are overdue to get hot at some point.

The Dallas Mavericks Tie the Series at 2 Against the Miami Heat

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