The Business Ventures of Kanye West

The great thing about Kanye West is that he is not only a rapper and producer, he is also a very good businessman as well. in the month of August of the year 2008, West was pretty busy working on his plans to pen nearly ten restaurants of Fatburger in the well-known city of Chicago. He managed to open the first hotel in the month of September in an area called Orland Park. later, in the month of January, 2009, West also inaugurated his second hotel as well. the third hotel is all set to be inaugurated although the place is yet to be revealed as per reports.

It has been said that the company owned by Kanye West, KW Foods, has already claimed the rights to form a chain of hotels in Chicago. On the other hand, West also decided to launch a career in the field of fashion, as he submitted his applications for internships offered by none other than the fashion houses of Europe. in the year 2009, Kayne West also came up with a plan to release his own line of clothing, which was named Past tell. He was accompanied with none other than the Nike Company for releasing his own set of shoes called Air Yeezys. in addition, during 22nd of January, 2009, in a Fashion Week at Paris, West showcased his introductory shoe line for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of shoes, Louis Vuitton. However, he also managed to release the complete shoe-line in the summer of the same year.

During 2003, West had already founded the foundation in his name for chairty called ‘Keywest West Foundation’ which was established in Chicago. the major duty of the foundation was to help the African-American and Latino children to get proper schooling all through the grade school up into college.

The Business Ventures of Kanye West

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