The Best Airport Lounges in the World

Looking for the best airport lounges in the world to start your holiday in style? Then choose from our top 5 favourite airport lounges to relax, unwind and enjoy in complete luxury. just make sure that you aren’t having such a good time that you miss your flight. but they’ll keep you up to date with all the take off information you need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We’ve selected our list of the best airport lounges based not only on the facilities they offer, but the overall atmosphere and sense of relaxing awe which they inspire. So if you think of flat screen televisions, leather sofas, an open bar and free wireless internet when you think of an airport lounge, then prepare to be amazed.

The leading modern airport lounges aren’t simply glorified waiting rooms where you can get some peace and quiet or conveniently managing your affairs from a comfy chair.

Today the very best airport lounges will provide the finest massage and spa treatments, showers and hair salons as well as an office, library and personal work station for business travellers, while a variety of dining areas offer a selection of exquisite foods and wines.

So an airport lounge is no longer somewhere to kill time in peace and quiet, it can become a relaxing and rejuvenating part of your journey.

Upper Class Clubhouse
Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3, London

Created by Virgin Atlantic; when it comes to keeping you entertained, there’s nowhere like the Upper Class Clubhouse. while it may look like the star ship Enterprise we feel that adds to its charm and with everything from pool tables to retro video games consoles and a full size cinema room, there’s plenty to make sure you have a very enjoyable stay. If you need to look your very best for when you arrive there’s a spa and hair salon while business travellers will no doubt be keen to use the office and library with quietly secluded work stations and Wi-Fi. And when work and play is done, why not unwind with a cocktail in the roof-top garden of the observation deck?

The Pier
Hong Kong Airport, Gates 62-66, Hong Kong

One of Cathay Pacific’ premier lounges, The Pier is renowned for its day-break rooms and irresistible plush leather armchairs. just sit back and relax as HD TVs provide on demand viewing while waiters attend to your every need, including a wakeup call to make sure that you don’t miss your flight. there are also a variety of dining areas with everything from the finest dining to your favourite noodle bars.but above all The Pier is clean, comfortable and it’s quiet, which is perfect if you’re travelling on business.

Flagship Lounge
JFK Airport, Concourse B, Terminal 8, new York City

The aptly named Flagship Lounge is one of the largest luxury airport lounges in the world, American Airlines have created an enormous 7,000 square-feet lounge. but despite the grandeur of its sheer size, you still have access to a beautifully quiet work space as well as a modern cafe with high speed wireless internet. Elegantly styled and warmly lit to soothe you into a relaxing mood, the Flagship Lounge also provides showers, food, wines and liquors, HD TV and essentially everything you could ever need to relax and unwind. however, access is restricted to First Class and Business Class passengers. but you definitely do get what you pay for.

L’Espace Premiere Lounge
Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 2E, Paris

Last but not least is the Air France L’Espace Premiere Lounge, which is reserved for First Class passengers only and decorated to match the equally luxurious First Class in-flight cabin. This makes the L’Espace Premiere Lounge an enjoyable part of the travel experience as you seem to fall back into the overstuffed leather armchairs and simply forget all your worries. just like the other leading airport lounges, there is free Wi-Fi, relaxation area withreclining lounge chairs, showers, massages, food, wine and champagne, as well as a specially crafted music listening room. however, the real experience ofL’Espace Premiere Lounge is the feeling of never having really left the airport. The L’Espace Premiere Lounge seamlessly blends into the First Class in-flight cabin and with a Limousine or Mercedes personally chauffeuring you to and from your flight it truly is a unique travel experience.

The Best Airport Lounges in the World

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