The Battle Over Motion Sensor Technology – Which Video Game Console Will Last?

The Nintendo Wii was the first company on the market with the motion sensor technology. Then the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 have each produced their own similar style of movement technology. so which is the best buy for my dollar?

The PlayStation 3 has just released the PlayStation move controller. You first need to have purchase a PlayStation eye. which is a camera, that can recognize the movements of the controller. the cost of the PlayStation bundle, which includes: PlayStation move controller, playstation eye camera and sports game sells for about $100. what is the main selling feature of this controller? for many of us, who don’t have a Nintendo Wii, the PlayStation move now gives you that Wii like feel playing your PS3. some gamers believe that the PlayStation move controller is more accurate than the Nintendo Wii’s controller. the move has better feel for many of the different movements you produce during game play, which the Wii tends to miss at times.

Not saying the Nintendo Wii by any means is a failure. it is far from that, it is perceived as a revolution in the gaming industry. the only area the Nintendo Wii fails in comparison to the Xbox and the PS3 has to be the games. the Wii is so full of nonsense games, which no one wants to purchase. at the same time, the library for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 games are relatively small in their own accounts for similar movement games. Largely in part to the fact they have both been just released, but still don’t have any games worth buying to make the cost of the PlayStation move or Xbox kinetic worth the price tag.

The Xbox 360 just released the kinetic, which has its own motion sensor technology as well. the main difference in the kinetic is, it will run you about $150 to purchase brand new. that seems an awful lot of money for a cool gadget. the kinetic does have voice recognition, so you can tell your Xbox to turning own and off. You also have the ability to go through the console commands by voice which is fabulous. the kinetic plugs into your USB port on your Xbox and needs to sit on the top of your TV very similar to the Nintendo Wii. the kinetic isn’t a controller at all, but a device which enables the gamer’s body to be the controller. This is very unique in the fact; all of your bodies’ movements make a difference in games.

The PlayStation move and the Nintendo Wii, seem very similar. they both operate in the same manor; just now you can mimic a Nintendo Wii with your PS3. the Xbox kinetic really seems like an innovative approach. it has more of an original feel, not just copying what some else has already done

The Battle Over Motion Sensor Technology – Which Video Game Console Will Last?

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