The Apple iPhone 3G Vs the LG Versa Smartphone – A Comparison Review

On March 1, the latest from Verizon’s LG was released, and they’re calling it the Versa. it differs from the company’s flagship LG Voyager and LG Dare (apparently the joint progenitors of this successor) primarily in being an all-around smaller and slimmer device, having a detachable QWERTY keyboard and an improved user interface with many more features and a customizable menu. So that’s how it compares to its predecessor. but how does it compare to its top competitor, the iPhone 3G? Let’s find out.

Well, to start with, and going back to the previous paragraph for a moment, the LG Versa has a removable keypad No such animal exists in Apple’s world. and gadget-heads are going to LOVE this–believe me. Score one for LG (and make that a big one)

The screen on the Versa is .5 smaller than the iPhone’s, at 3. the iPhone’s resolution is also preferable, at 320 x 480 as compared with the Versa’s 240 x 480. the Versa does have the same accelerometer feature that the iPhone has, however, allowing users to switch between landscape view and portrait view merely by rotating the smartphone.

At a meager 2 megapixels, the digital camera on the Versa is abysmal–considering that 5 megapixels seems to be becoming the norm. That said, the iPhone 3G still only has a 2 megapixel camera itself. So here it’s a draw–and what a sorry draw for both companies it is. the Versa’s camera does, however, have a built-in flash, unlike some leading smartphone we know–ahem).

Another common difference between the iPhone and practically every other smartphone, including the LG Versa, is its lack of a microSD card slot. Of course, Apple would say that’s because it already has all the memory you could need onboard (with its 8 gig and 16 gig options). beyond the 16 GB capable card slot, the memory capacity of the LG Versa otherwise the Versa can act as a modem for wirelessly connecting to your PC, using Verizon’s Mobile Broadband Connect and thereby availing you of up to 5GB of its available memory. Neat trick–but does that mean it has no onboard memory of its own? Color this reviewer confused.

The moniker Versa obviously must stand for versatile as the customizability of this device is definitely its most touted feature. Users can constantly add to the Versa’s functionality and customize the 3D menu with specialized shortcuts to suit their ever changing needs. just some of the features and functions users can adjust at will include dial and menu fonts, backlight time, wallpaper and banner, and images that show on each screen.

Beyond all that, the two devices are comparable, differing only in using different proprietary software to fulfill their standard functions and features–such as music downloading and playback, GPS navigation, visual voice mail, etc.

With a 2-year contract, the LG Versa (aka the LG VX9600) costs around $200 after a $50 mail-in rebate. the iPhone 3G costs about the same.

The Apple iPhone 3G Vs the LG Versa Smartphone – A Comparison Review

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