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I remember when I warned you that the Phillies weren’t goinganywhere because they lacked offensive firepower.

It was just several months ago.

And what happened? they got laughed at and bounced in the firstround, and only because of a fluke homer by Francisco did they evenwin game three!

So I’m waiting for your mea culpa, mea maxima et magna culpaabout the Phillies.

Seems to me you ought to be writing a rather lengthy post abouthow the Phillies failed, about how they were hyped, about how thatteam lacks clutch hitting and without some significant changes,isn’t ever going to accomplish spit.

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I am sorry to hear that McCarver will be back. he should havebeen shipped off ten years ago. His only talent is that he is verygood at stating what is obvious to everyone on the planet tenseconds after it has become so. I was even sorrier to hear Franconaat all. he is possibly the worst color man I have ever heard. Thisguy is a former baseball manager, yet he doesn’t seem to have anyinsight into the game AT ALL. Unbelievable.

As to predictions, I will only make one: Brandon Inge will notbe the ALCS MVP, nor will he do anything even remotelyrelevant.

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Dan’s The Sports Geek Bloviator,who also said :

“As for their record, that’s the greatest unpricked bubble insport, but when the Braves start to apply pressure come September,we’ll see whether the Phillies can maintain their lead in the NLEast.

I very much doubt it.”

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Anything can happen in these short playoffs. With 29 MajorLeague teams there isn’t enough talent to go around. And then totop it off there are different rules for each league!

It’s like the pick up games we played during grade school recesswrit large!

Who thought this up?

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I’m gonna go out on a HUGE limb here, but:

Brewers sweep Cardinals (Betancourt MVP)

Rangers in 5 (Kinsler MVP)

Rangers take WS in 6 (Josh Hamilton wakes up, MVP).

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The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : My ALCS & NLCS Predictions

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