The 5 Best Top Shelf Bars In New York

The beautifully finished wood bar at the Flatiron Lounge (credit:

The Flatiron Lounge

(212) 727-774137 West 19th St.New York, NY 10011flatironlounge.comReviews & more info

If you like refined, art deco anterooms that serve as an ode to the days of sparklers, rakes and “ring-a-ding-ding,” where Prohibition-era infusions are crafted by what’s known as a “stylist,” then boy, Charlie, is this the place to wet your beak. Built in 1927, the bar was once known as The Ballroom, a high-end haunt frequented by Frank Sinatra and other top stars of the time. these days, the Flatiron still jumps with pricey concoctions crafted by top tippling-talent Julie Reiner, NYC’s reigning booze queen. If you do decide to sidle up, try the Juniper Breeze, the El Diablo or (for purists seeking a fresh spin on an old classic) a Flatiron Martini, the stem glass for which is bathed in Cointreau. Patrons who are typically put off by hustle and bustle (Saturday nights are ALWAYS crowded), remember: Patience is a virtue in New York City, despite all streetwise evidence to the contrary. so don’t snippily demand or expect service of your drinkslingers. just wait for the inevitable eye contact, smile, politely ask, and ye shall receive. Open 5pm-2am, Mon-Fri, till 4 am on Fri & Sat. no cover.

The 5 Best Top Shelf Bars In New York

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