The 2012 Mets: Why not?

After all the pessimism, after all the negativity this offseason, I am truly excited for Mets baseball.

Johan Santana is back. Anything the Mets get from him is a bonus, and I will take my chances with Johan on the mound any day. He forever earned my respect when he tried to save the 2008 season by throwing a gem on the second to last day.

Ike Davis is back. You may recall he was off to a great start last year.

David Wright is back.

Daniel Murphy hit .320 last year.

Lucas Duda is a moose and hits bombs. Much of the fanbase took their eyes of the second half last year and didn’t get to appreciate this guy’s potential.

One major player is gone. Nothing can be done there.

Giants fans loved Andres Torres. Jason Bay can’t be useless again, can he? What if the Mets ever got a Jason Bay Season out of Jason Bay?

Dickey eats innings for you. hopefully Niese matures.

The rest? Wishes and dreams. Isn’t it always? The 1990 Mets took a rotation of Viola, Gooden (imagine mentioning Gooden second?), Cone, Sid and Darling and won “only” 91 games. You’d take that rotation in a heartbeat and expect to win it all.

That’s why they play the season. let the mainstream media be negative. I’m choosing to enjoy this season. I will be in the stands with my son today, and again on Saturday.

There’s a second wild card this year. Maybe Terry can push all the right buttons and Santana can throw a gem in that play-in game and we can all try our luck from there?

Don’t be negative. Don’t cost yourself a season. enjoy baseball. see you in a few minutes at Citi Field. Let’s Go Mets!

I will live blog (as long as AT&T works) and be live on twitter @metspolice throughout the day.  If you see a chubby guy in a Mets Police jersey say hi!

Update- Media Goon here, I will be at the game too. I will either be wearing a Media Goon jersey or a Blacknick jersey. If you see me say hi also…


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The 2012 Mets: Why not?

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