The 2012 Job Rankings: Your Wednesday Depressive

The 2012 job rankings by CareerCast are out, ranking the top 200 hundred jobs based on a rather complex methodology balancing work “Environment, Income, Outlook, Stress and Physical Demands.” The good news and bad news is the same: there is no perfect job, and even those ranked in the top 10 may be rated exceptionally well for something like work environment and do really badly in the stress department. But cutting to the chase, the top 10 are 1) Software Engineer, 2) Actuary, 3) Human Resources Manager, 4) Dental Hygienist, 5) Financial Planner, 6) Audiologist, 7) Occupational Therapist, 8) Online Advertising Manager, 9) Computer Systems Analyst, and 10) Mathematician.

Who knew. as for the worst (from least worst to most worst): 191) Broadcaster, 192) Butcher, 193) Dishwasher, 194) Meter Reader, 195) Waiter/Waitress, 196) Reporter (Newspaper), 197) Oil Rig Worker, 198) Enlisted Military Soldier, 199) Dairy Farmer, and 200) Lumberjack.

Plan your life accordingly.

The 2012 Job Rankings: Your Wednesday Depressive

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