Test Bodycount Xbox 360

Most games, even the most violent, seek to provide you with an apology or some kind of explanation to justify the massacres that you make. Bodycount is not so hypocritical! It does not bother to bother a scenario worthy of the name and simply to dive headfirst into the hell of war … Unfortunately do not believe that this is enough to make a good game

Bodycount designers are not really their first attempt in explosive FPS. They must indeed have a Black, a title released in 2006 on PS2 and Xbox and that was not in the lace. the game does not allow such open doors other than destroying them … It was certainly not the title of the century but it had a good stress relief to the players a lot of adrenaline. we might expect to find more or less the same explosive mixture with Bodycount. the pitch of the latter in itself is promising you play as an agent of a secret organization, promoting peace throughout the world, destroying everything in its path. In short, it is to wage war against the war by killing all the participants a starting point so absurd that it could be used to make us laugh. Unfortunately, Bodycount takes himself far too seriously to be funny …

It is always easier to infiltrate the enemy when you turn away.

the single player campaign starts with you landing in West Africa in the middle of a civil war. You do not know exactly why both sides are killing each other and you do not take the time to ask them nicely, your mission remains to massacre the belligerents on both sides. You will soon discover a strange secret society behind this conflict: the Target seems covertly manipulating the two opposing camps and implements for this highly advanced technology. no need to rack your head, you will not know the motivations of the Target, even after having flushed the organization in Asia and having had a few twists with no flavor. It must be said that these strange enemies do their best to be discreet, just one single fighter infiltrates their headquarters for a make they simply skip the whole installation. In short, do not rely on the background of Bodycount to titillate you, either on its graphics elsewhere. the decorations were beautiful to be partially destructible, they remain uniformly ugly and uninspired. we note in passing that the developers do not lose you around several times most environments … even though the solo loop in less than five hours. In short, no need to draw you a picture, all miss him terribly fresh, and things keep getting worse when looking at the gameplay.

the air strike helps to clean up in style.

the first thing that is obvious when one arrives on the battlefield is the incredible poverty of the enemy AI. They have about as much of a colony of reflexes as Valium mussels in white wine: even if you pass under their nose, they will put an incredibly long time to adjust and then you finally decide to take. the various fighters you meet also take pleasure in shooting in the walls, he foolishly move in single file and they hide in you just turn their backs when they have to reload their weapons … do not rely on your arsenal to make things a little more sexy: the array of weapons at your disposal is incredibly small and everything from classic. the only originality lies in the cover system semi-automatic locks when you hold the target. the idea could have been good but does eventually hinder the movement of your character you would have liked a little more agile. There remains the possibility of using bonuses by completing a “gauge info.” no, this is not to go to a charming hostess tells you that the way forward, but rather to recover the small blue markers around the corpses of your enemies. Information to activate for a short time a boost of adrenaline, to make your explosive ordnance, to request an air strike killed instantly or agents of Target in the industry.

the agents of the Target always want to blow their own bases.

You will of course entitled to more awards like this if ever you show a little imagination by killing your enemies and especially if you are able to link the frags just spectacular. do not expect to put to death at the zany Bulletstorm, here it is simply shot in the back of an enemy to detonate a grenade, to make a headshot … You will receive a bill at the end of each level of poverty but the title does not really push you to score. You still hope that the multiplayer mode will save the house? Unfortunately it suffers the same worries that the same solo and is incredibly fast draft. the methods proposed range from simple free for all in the classic team deathmatch, nothing to jump on his chair like a kid. Finally we will find it difficult to leave this poor Bodycount of the debacle, the only positive is that it will save you a little while waiting for the promising FPS will land later this year.

Test Bodycount Xbox 360

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