Tell us how you really feel: Facebook info in PS3 games

Would you want to see Facebook information piped into PS3 games? we asked our Twitter followers for their input.

  • by Dave Rudden
  • October 06, 2010 16:00 PM PT

With reports coming in that PlayStation 3 games will soon be integrating information from willing players’ Facebook feeds, we asked our Twitter followers what they thought of playing games with their social network’s data.

With the news about PlayStation 3 games utilizing Facebook information fresh in our heads, we posed the following question to our Twitter followers to see what they thought of games utilizing the data:

Thankfully, it seems as though the Facebook data usage will be “opt-in” just as most other Facebook API applications seem to be, as most of our followers seemed to frown on the potential initiative. Here’s the folks that didn’t click the “Like” button:

A few of GamePro’s Twitter community seemed to be okay with the idea, as long as it’s executed properly. Here’s the cautiously-optimistic crowd:

It’s understandable to see a bit of opposition to the act of giving one’s social information to a large corporation, but the merging of high-quality games with personal data could lead to some interesting game concepts. Much in the same way Wii gamers have delighted in seeing their friends’ Miis cheer them on in Mario Kart, PS3 gamers could get an even greater thrill in finding out a friend of theirs was drafted by a rival team in Madden. As long as the developers use the info for good (enhancing gameplay) instead of evil (mining for even more personal data), it could be the start of an interesting new way to play console games.

Do you agree with the sentiments expressed above? Do you have another viewpoint to add to the discussion? If so, please chime in with your thoughts by replying in the comment section below or by replying to GamePro on Twitter.

Tell us how you really feel: Facebook info in PS3 games

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