TeleTweet iPhone and the iPad Morse code and retro design used in turn tweets in the telegrams

Honolulu, HI (PRWEB) 19 April 2012

Shacked Software, a leading manufacturer of Hawaiian iPhone and iPad applications, today announced the introduction of TeleTweet, a new mobile application that allows iPhone and iPod iPad Touch users to send and receive Twitter messages via Morse code. TeleTweet now in the App Store apples available.

designed to preserve the look, feel and sound of the classic telegraph key, TeleTweet integration with Twitter to give users the feeling nostalgic for sending or receiving a message in Morse code. When messages are on realism manipulator that is automatically written in figures and letters to his Twitter account is converted to read for his followers played. For people who follow you on Twitter, your messages translated TeleTweet in Morse code, and prints by a real machine in 1869 by Thomas Edison ticker tape as if you were actually received telegrams.

wanted to give our customers the feeling of sitting in a telegraph office, 150 years ago, and a message to a distant friend, said Chad Podoski, founder and chief designer at Shacked. we spend a lot of time the look, sound, and the whole experience was perfect before he was ready to feel TeleTweet release.

TeleTweet offers simple rooms, two-way messaging via Twitter Morse code directly from the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.? from the tweets, simply click the message in the fingers and soldiers of the Morse code and instantly translates TeleTweet letters and numbers, and then posted on his Twitter account for his followers to read as usual. With each beat, the sounds of metal and Clack feel of a 19th century telegraph key.? For incoming tweets, tweets TeleTweet automatically converts the following in Morse code and the messages on a tape machine realistic.

iPhone also offers

TeleTweet, iPad, iPod touch and the following benefits:? Learn Morse code, or use it to teach Morse code to other? she read aloud in the Morse code messages? Compose tweets with one finger? Save the cost of a telegram with Twitter’s free service messages

free morse code cheat sheet users who install TeleTweet before midnight on 26 April 2012, a free Morse code cheat sheet, accessed in true steampunk style. to access the cheat sheet, just follow @ TeleTweetApp TeleTweet and be used to post to Twitter, including Twitter @ TeleTweetApp. When you receive the message, the user will be sent an access code to download the cheat sheet for free.

A teaching tool

Funis seen from a purely practical standpoint, we have a fun application that will help people learn and teach the Morse code built in, Jason Skicewicz, founder and chief developer said shacked. TeleTweet do something for millions of people all week ding message sand Twitter becomes a tool of immersion. The best way to learn any language is to put it in everyday life. TeleTweet does Twitters to nearly 500 million registered users.

While the technologies of satellite and wireless communications have become established, is Morse code is still widely used today still is easier with applications in aviation, amateur radio, and supporting technologies, the communication people with disabilities. Learn Morse code usually means the Farnsworth method, which teaches users to send and receive letters through the sound of fingers on their respective series and candidates. In North America, the American Radio Relay League a Morse code transmission of daily practice shared.

Price and Availability TeleTweet is for sale for only 99 available? The Apple App Store at

information For more information about TeleTweet, including screenshots, demo video, and more, please visit

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TeleTweet iPhone and the iPad Morse code and retro design used in turn tweets in the telegrams

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