Tectoy Zeebo 3G Budget Gaming Console

It has to be said that, as a company, you’re either incredibly brave or somewhat overly bold (at the very least) to enter the gaming console market thus pitting your hardware against the likes of the PlayStation, Xbox and Wii, but Tectoy’s new Tectoy Zeebo gaming console certainly comes from a very differing angle in relying on a 3G network connection to provide gaming titles and being aimed specifically at emerging markets (who happen to have 3G availability and connectivity in their region).

The device, understandably given the competition, therefore sets its sights on those that simply cannot afford the aforementioned consoles and, it that respect, we cannot help but feel that the Tectoy Zeebo deserves all the support it can get.

Naturally you can forget about the latest in HD gaming, as the Tectoy Zeebo is a strictly VGA (640×480) resolution console that, as alluded to above, relies solely on downloading games from a 3G network on a pay per title basis which will undoubtedly make Zeebo titles especially ‘piracy proof’.

Aimed initially at the Brazilian market one of the games used to showcase the Tectoy Zeebo, interestingly, was a Zeebo’ed (let’s coin a phrase here) Doom indicating that the Tectoy Zeebo may well, eventually, have wider appeal to retro gamers – though its not as it the latest consoles don’t already cater for the retro-gaming fraternity via such as Xbox Live. Of further interest is the offering of ‘Wii Remote’ style controllers some time in the future though, at the time of writing, details are rather scant in this respect.

Of course, in order to excel in any ‘emerging market’ a budget console needs a budget price and in the Tectoy Zeebo’c case we’re talking around $599 in Brazil which equates to around $258USD which will put the Tectoy Zeebo within reach of many potential purchasers that cannot afford the likes of XBoxes, Playstations or Wii’s but to what extent it will prove to be within reach of the masses is very much open to debate. that said, we for one, wish Techtoy the best of luck.

Techtoy [via FolhaOnline]

Tectoy Zeebo 3G Budget Gaming Console

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