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IDG News Service reports that Qualcomm is currently working on a quad-core version of its S4 SoC to be used in a new Windows 8 laptop form factor rivaling Intel’s Ultrabook. this new design is expected to be thinner and lighter than Apple’s MacBook Air and Intel’s Ultrabook, and sport high-resolution screens, longer battery life, always-on connectivity and perhaps even 3D graphics.

“We think much lighter than what Intel calls an ultrabook,” said Rob Chandhok, senior vice president at Qualcomm, adding that the lines between high-end smartphones and laptops have started to blur.

Qualcomm typically supplies its Snapdragon SoC for smartphones, but the company is looking to expand out into the PC sector. it has already shipped a few prototype Windows 8-based PCs with Snapdragon chips to developers, but with Intel’s mega-push into the mobile PC sector, Qualcomm wants to provide an alternative with built-in 4G support and strong multimedia qualities.

Tech News: – The fastest news on the net

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