Taylor Swift’s Curls Secret: No Blowdryer Allowed!

Maybe when she’s just lounging around she’s doesn’t blow dry it but anytime she’s out in public for something it’s been blow dryed and curled with a curling iron. Natural curls don’t look that good.

As a person with very curly hair I can testify I don’t ever use a blow dryer on it. that just makes it frizzy! Many people with very curly hair don’t even use shampoo, they rinse it and then condition it and then use curl creams, and let it air dry for the best result. I haven’t used a blow dryer, except for straigtening my hair, in over five years.

Taylor’s curl are extremely perfect. They are larger, smoother and more defined than her natural curls, I think she uses a curling iron despite her hair being naturally curly. in the beginning of her carre, her hair was definately au natural, then she had more defined curls and now her curls are big and looser with more shape to it like she uses a 2 inch barrel curler. either way, her hair looks great!

of course she uses a curling iron. she uses a 1 inch curling wand (they are different from curling irons bc they don’t have clamps and you wrap your hair around them). If your hair is long enough and you ave one you can easily replicate this look. I have one and I’ll never go back to a regular curling iron.

I love how she neglected to mention that she seems to have the patience for a curling iron. I can’t stand her hair, not because of how it looks, but because she keeps claiming this is what it’s like naturally. Way to make curlies without perfect curling iron created spirals feel bad because they actually believe you, Taylor.

I work with a girl who has natural curls that look like she spends hours on them every morning; the perfect kind of small ringlet curls that she gets complimented on every day. I’m sure people think she uses a curling iron, but I’ve seen her come in with her hair wet and watched the curls form as the hair dried. I, on the other hand, have hair so naturally curly that I am forever trying to find ways to subdue it and some people might not guess how curly my hair really is. So…don’t judge a curl by what you think you know….it could just fool you..

Taylor Swift’s Curls Secret: No Blowdryer Allowed!

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