Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coaching Search: Breaking Down the Newest Candidates

Marty Schottenheimer was considered one of the better coaches in the league several years ago, and with his NFL coaching career seemingly over, was likely a Super Bowl ring away from legendary status.

But now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could very well resurrect the 68-year-old coach far down in the depths of coaching UFL champions the Virginia Destroyers.

Certainly, this is no ordinary grandpa, but are the Bucs willing to wield their time machine back this far? After all, Schottenheimer hasn’t been an NFL head coach since 2006. but then again, in that season, he was fired despite a 14-2 regular season.

Schottenheimer has had the privilege of coaching 13 playoff teams, yet not only does he have no ring, but has never even made a trip to the Super Bowl. Will there really be a difference with the Bucs?

Overall, it’s hard not to like Schottenheimer’s coaching. he could straighten up the naive and dispassionate team the Bucs were at the end of this season. but in the end, does it really make sense to hire Schottenheimer this late in his coaching career?

On top of his age, the Buccaneers should be looking for an offensive-minded (can’t stress it enough) coach. I’m sure Schottenheimer could hire a solid offensive coordinator to help Josh Freeman progress, but that’s something the Bucs need to make sure of before having thoughts of hiring him.

Schottenheimer would indeed change the attitude at One Buc Place, and almost certainly take it long past its underachieving 4-12 mark. but the Glazers may not give up enough power for Schottenheimer to even want to come to Tampa Bay.

Despite thinking he’s a better option than the two men before him in the article, there’s still the question whether Schottenheimer would be with the Bucs for the long-term.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coaching Search: Breaking Down the Newest Candidates

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