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Lady Gaga: Taking Determination and Talent to the Limit

The Student: From a young age it seems no one could be as determined as Lady GaGa to learn everything about music, songwriting, and fashion in her craft. she learned this at some of the top Performing Arts schools in New York.

She was born in 1986 in New York city. she had been taking piano lessons from the age of 4. At age 11 she was set to join the Julliard school in Manhattan, but instead attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private Roman Catholic school. she went on to write her first piano ballad at 13 and began performing at open mic nights at age 14. At 17 she gained early admission to New York University’s Tisch school of the Arts. while there she studied music and improved her songwriting skills.

James Phillips a music director and one of her early mentors noticed her in the fifth grade as a talented singer. As the years progressed he continued to be her mentor and teach her in musical performances and jazz at Regis High School in New York

When she was 17 another teacher Pam Philips had a vocal technique class that she gave at NYU titled the CAP 21 program and said that her student was hitting high notes as a soprano with an impressive vocal range. she also said that she was very unique in how she dressed and stood out in her dance classes.

During Pam’s classes one could see Lady GaGa’s insatiable appetite for music knowledge. This was apparent when she asked Pam how to use her voice for pop music by learning how to take 50s and 60s vocals and apply them to contemporary music.

Two celebrities that had recent comments about Lady GaGa are Alice Cooper who felt she is right to pursue her songs and image to the limits and has taken them to a whole new dimension. Barry Manilow said that she is a very talented singer and artist.

The story of the name: Music producer Rob Fusari, who helped her write some of her earlier songs, also helped create the moniker GaGa, after the Queen song, Radio Ga Ga. Rob commented that on the days when she came to the studio, instead of saying hello, he would start singing Radio Ga Ga as that was her entrance song. Rob said Lady Ga Ga was actually a glitch. He said that when he typed Radio Ga Ga in a text message that he sent to her, it did an auto correct and somehow ‘Radio’ got changed to ‘Lady. she texted me back and said, That’s it. After that day, she was Lady GaGa.

Fashion and the Look: Fashion has been identified as a major factor in her act. she considers Donatella Versace as her source of inspiration for creating fashion. GaGa personally handles her own creation team which helps design many of her clothes, hairdos, and stage props. her love of fashion came from her mother who GaGa said was always very well kept and beautiful.

Achievements: Among her many accomplishments, along with several Grammy Awards, she has two Guinness World Records with the estimated sale of fifteen million albums and fifty-one million singles worldwide. Billboard named her as the top selling artist of 2010.

Some of her songs that I like are Paparazzi, just Dance, Poker Face, Edge of Glory and you and I.

This truly talented woman and her love of music comes through very clearly in much of her work. she does care about her fans and has always been willing to lend her name and support especially to young children that have talent.

On top of it all with her determination and talent she has the ability to be around for a long time to come.

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Lady Gaga: Taking Determination and Talent to the Limit

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    Music faculty perform ‘Contemporary American Favorites’

    Sunday’s performance of “Contemporary American Favorites” expressed sentiments of poetry and theatrical appeal.

    Presented by Oswego State’s music department, Elisabeth Kisselstein performed short operatic pieces written by classic American composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Pianist Rebecca Horning, adjunct professor of the university, accompanied Kisselstein.

    Kisselstein achieved a dramatic display in the height of her soprano voice. a range of dynamics and intensity rousted energy and emotion within her performance. her vocal range proved to be impressive as she sought out the highs and lows of a musical scale, molding it to her desire. The execution was rarely flawed, only receiving a few stumbles and a one-time lyrical error. her vocal projection was mainly set in a higher range, expelling a forceful and passionate act. Mellow melodic lines were quickly met with abrupt shrilling outbursts. there was never a lack of dynamic range.

    Horning’s piano accompaniment clashed well with the intensity of Kisselstein’s vocals. when in many ways the vocal approach was very similar in each movement, the eccentricity of the piano never matched itself with familiarity. an array of dissonance led listeners to a tension of build up. These atonal finger acrobatics rarely resolved until the end of each movement, even then leaving the audience lacking a definitive cadence or melodic resolution. each piece displayed tension and conflict.

    The performance as a whole only lasted around 45 minutes in length. It was a compilation of several short pieces written by composers such as Aaron Copland, Ernst Bacon, Howard Boatwright, John Duke, Lee Hoiby, Lori Laitman, Libby Larson and Leonard Bernstein. These mini-operas contained a great deal of poetic substance and theatrical eloquence. Kisselstein used dramatics as part of her routine. She remained standing in front of the grand piano, yet used frequent hand gestures and motions to create emphasis. She poured emotion from her bouts of acting by crying, laughing and working off-the-wall antics into her song.

    The audience left with mixed feelings. some enjoyed it very much, while others lacked the aesthetic to appreciate such an art form. By no means is it modern art, but a fantastic display of talent.

    Music faculty perform ‘Contemporary American Favorites’

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      Article Mad » Blog Archive » Tim McGraw Tickets – McGraw’s Sweet Southern Voice

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      With his "Southern Voice," Tim McGraw has been making women swoon all over the world for years, but for his wife Faith Hill it isn't just about that sexy vocal range that gets her – she's also lucky enough to get a thoughtful man, as well. the country crooner, along with his wife Hill, was recently awarded the Courage Award at the 13th Annual Unforgettable Evening benefit dinner on Jan. 27 in Los Angeles.the event helped to raise awareness and funds for the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund, as the husband-and-wife country duo have made significant contributions over the years. McGraw's own charity Tug McGraw Foundation supports cancer research, while the couple's other charity Neighbor's Keeper strengthens communities through different projects. As McGraw shines in the limelight, he continues to keep up his Southern Voice Tour, go online today and get your Tim McGraw tickets.

      McGraw's Billboard exposure for Southern Voice led to a tour extension late January as the Louisiana native added a few dates here and there to his already extensive promotion. the first single, "It's a Business Doing Pleasure With you," made it to Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart at 13 while the album peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 when it appeared in October. On his 10th studio set, McGraw's longtime collaborator Byron Gallimore helped to get the singer out of trouble with his record label Curb with the new studio release. the first since 2007's let it go, McGraw was publicly outraged when Curb released a greatest hits album in 2008 without his permission. Though everything has since calmed down, McGraw is under contract and has made no plans to leave his label since.

      Born in Delhi, La., Samuel Timothy Smith was raised by his single mother, unaware of his famous father until years later (Tug McGraw was a star relief pitcher with the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets). following in his father's footsteps, he attended Northeast Louisiana University on a baseball scholarship but moved to Nashville in 1989 to pursue music, a passion he rarely focused on while in school.

      As a country bar resident, McGraw caught the attention of Curb Records and released the single "Welcome to the Club" in 1992. yet it was the jingle still heard on the radio today – "Indian Outlaw" – that got McGraw mainstream recognition; a controversial hit that stereotyped Native Americans in a light-hearted way, "Indian Outlaw" appeared on the sophomore Not a Moment Too Soon. With the attention of the hit, more fans started listening to Not a Moment Too Soon tracks like "Don't take the Girl," "down on the Farm" and others, helping it to sell five million copies.

      The next album saw McGraw supporting his sound in a nationwide trek with opening act Faith Hill, a glimmer of fate for the two country stars who wed following the tour, which helped to promote the next McGraw album, 1997's everywhere. As fans followed the two lovebirds around via their duets "It's Your Love" and "just to Hear you Say that you Love me," McGraw continued to draw attention with his own tracks like "Where the Green Grass Grows" and "just to See you Smile." the albums kept on coming as did the commercial success that kept the McGraw-Hill union powerful. Now the two celebrate their unheard of success with others through their charities and special performances.

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      Article Mad » Blog Archive » Tim McGraw Tickets – McGraw’s Sweet Southern Voice

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