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Tim Tebow must make way for Peyton Manning on the Broncos, but he’ll be heard from again

“well I think Tim has earned the right to be the starting quarterback going into training camp,” he declared, careful to say nothing about what would happen after that.

Peyton Manning is trading in the horseshoe for the Broncos.(AP Photo)

Now, because Peyton Manning is reportedly going to sign with Denver, Tebow likely won’t even make camp. He’s damaged goods, marked for sale and thrown into a bargain bin, available to whatever NFL team wants to send a low-round draft pick and a tackling dummy for the right to take Tebow away.

Such is the price of sensations these days.

The market for Tebow will not be robust. Perhaps it would be easier for him to find a job if he was an ordinary Heisman-winning quarterback with a wonderful college pedigree but suspect accuracy and a game coaches still do not believe is made for the NFL. but Tebow comes with a devoted fan base of Christians and lovers of the underdog alike. They will not sit quiet as their hero languishes on the bench.

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Any quarterback competition Tebow is thrown into will be a fiasco. It is not the situation for a new coach, or a coach who sits uneasy in his job. Tebow’s arrival in almost any NFL city will be as much of an internal disaster as a public relations boon.

This is why it’s hard to imagine Tebow in his hometown of Jacksonville, where new coach Mike Mularkey is supposed to be trying to establish Blaine Gabbert, the team’s top draft pick from last year, as the franchise quarterback. The last thing he or Gabbert need is a camp battle with Tebow where Tebow fans push for their man every time Gabbert makes a mistake.

It’s also difficult to imagine new Dolphins coach Joe Philbin rushing to throw Tebow into the lineup while trying to build a program in Miami.

Most likely, Tebow winds up as a reserve in a place like new England or new Orleans, where a clever coach can find ways to use him, giving Tebow fans something to savor while not damaging locker room chemistry.

But what kind of player will they be getting?

What NFL people should realize is that regardless of the doubts they had about Tebow going into the draft two years ago, he is a far more polished player now. He has always had an ability to dazzle with his knowledge. Denver coaches and executives in the Broncos room at the draft combine in 2010 were stunned by his ability to not only break down his offense at the University of Florida but theirs too … and San Diego’s and new England’s. They said they had never seen a college quarterback do such a thing.

No player spent as much time studying either. when he finally left the Broncos practice facility to go home at night, Tebow carried with him stacks of DVDs of different offenses that he would watch over and over, often calling his coaches several times at night to ask about things he noticed on the screen. He worked for hours before and during practice on his footwork, based on the Elway belief that if he had the proper balance he would make more accurate throws.

Through it all, Tim Tebow didn't do quite enough last season.(Getty Images)

“He made great strides both mentally and physically,” Broncos quarterback coach Adam Gase said two days after the season. “You could actually see it from game to game. You would say, ‘Oh, there’s a little improvement.’ ”

Those who have worked with Tebow say he is really obsessed with one thing: getting better. now he has a playoff run and a playoff win with a bullet pass for a touchdown on the first play of overtime. He also has two years of tutoring under the Bronco coaching staff, which worked tirelessly on his footwork.

Eventually somebody will take Tebow. It probably won’t be for much and there won’t be much of a chance for him to start. but regardless of how little Elway values him, Tebow is a much better player today than he was in the summer of 2010 and he has the experience of taking a team deep into January. that is worth something.

And it is why even after he is dumped by the Broncos for whatever little they can get, we won’t have heard the last of Tim Tebow.

He will be back.

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Tim Tebow must make way for Peyton Manning on the Broncos, but he’ll be heard from again

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    Things That Have Gone Unnoticed With Joe Flacco

    The recent news of Derrick Mason’s retirement isn’t shocking. He’ll be 38 next week and his 2011 season was pretty much a disaster. and that’s a real shame. If you recall, when the Ravens cleaned house at the start of training camp — cutting Mason, Todd Heap, Willis McGahee and Kelly Gregg — they did that to clear some cap space with, from what I read, the intentions of re-signing some of those guys to smaller contracts. Gregg wound up in Kansas City, Heap went home to Arizona, McGahee was reborn in Denver and Mason chose the Jets over the Titans and the Ravens. That was a little heartbreaking.

    Mason’s run in New York was short lived and he was traded to Houston and was cut two months later. The main point here is the second he decided not to return to Baltimore, his career ended. The Jets are a mess and Mark Sanchez is very, very middling quarterback. Houston was stacked with wide receivers, but you figure a veteran like Mason could have helped out the young Texans. He obviously didn’t.

    This all got me thinking about how underrated Joe Flacco really is. sure, he had so-so numbers this year (3,610 yards, 20 TDs, 12 INTs, 80.9 rating) but he’s had more wins (48) since 2008 than any other quarterback, including the postseason. and honestly, what has the guy had to work with, receiver-wise?

    In 2008, Flacco’s rookie season, the Ravens ran the ball better than any other team and Flacco wasn’t asked to do much. His top three receivers that year were Mason (1,037 yards, 5 TDs), Mark Clayton (695, 3) and Heap (403, 3). The third receiver on the depth chart was Demetrius Williams. I’ll pause for a minute while you Wikipedia him.

    The following year, Flacco’s top three receivers were Mason (1,028, 7), Ray Rice (702, 1) and Heap (593, 6). The receiving corps was so bad in 2009, Flacco had to rely on a running back and a tight end to make plays in the passing game. I hope you kept the Wikipedia tab up if you’re wondering who the third wide receiver on the depth chart was. a guy by the name of Kelley Washington. you might want to try to Google him because someone probably hasn’t taken the time to create him a Wikipedia page.

    Finally, in 2010, Flacco got some help. The Ravens traded for Anquan Boldin. He was a proven receiver in Arizona and provided some much-needed help to the receiving unit. Baltimore also wasted $950k on Donte’ Stallworth and had to deal with T.J. Houshmanzadeh’s murmuring about not getting enough targets. oh, and the whole “dropping a perfectly thrown ball that hit him right in the numbers on 4th-and-18 against Pittsburgh that would have surely been a first down” in the Divisional round last year. thanks, Housh. (I’m tempted to replace the “H” with a “D”).

    This year, Flacco had Boldin, newly-acquired receiver Lee Evans and rookie Torrey Smith. Evans was hurt for most of the year, which caused Smith to step his game up. but in Evans’s absence, the Ravens needed a third wide receiver who turned out to be an undrafted rookie, LaQuan Williams. The only person Flacco had any semblance of continuity with was Boldin. Obviously, he had second-year tight ends Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta to work with, but both saw limited time in 2010 so Flacco really had to get acquainted with five new pass-catchers while still working on his timing and anticipation with Boldin.

    The driving point here is if it wasn’t for Flacco, most of the aforementioned guys would not have had jobs. once Mason declined Baltimore’s offer, his career fizzled. Mark Clayton hasn’t been heard from in ages. Demetrius Williams might be a bar back at some establishment in Eugene, Oregon. I think Kelley Washington runs a U.S. Cellular kiosk somewhere in Tennessee nowadays. Houshmanzadeh played in nine games for Oakland this season and registered just 11 receptions. All these guys were semi-relevant in Baltimore, once they were cut or chose not to return, they were done.

    So what does that say about Flacco? He is the only reason some of those guys were even a thought the past few years. yet no one gives him any credit. sure, his completion percentage was down this year. but for most of the year he was throwing to two rookies and a guy he’s only known for two years. before that, he was slinging the ball to a bunch of no names and the Ravens still made the playoffs every year. Look at the “elite” quarterbacks: Brady, Brees, Rodgers. Those guys have had a certain kinship with their receivers. They’ve been with them for multiple seasons. they have developed chemistry that makes them so dangerous. I’m not saying Flacco is or even needs to be one of those guys, but what he’s done over the first four years of his career is pretty remarkable.

    Now, finally in his fourth year, Flacco has some weapons. The possession guy is Boldin, he has two burners in Smith and Evans. Dickson and Pitta are budding stars. and you still have Rice coming out of the backfield. it takes time to develop a relationship with receivers. This type of thing doesn’t happen over night. People are going to still hate on Flacco, and that’s OK. but if you really sit down and look at what he’s done in his first four years, it’s quite fascinating.

    It’s really a shame how under-utilized Mason and Heap were this season, but it just goes to show what a good quarterback can do. without Flacco, Mason, Heap, Demetrius Williams, Clayton and Washington have all fallen by the wayside. with Flacco, I believe Smith, Dickson and Pitta will all become stars while Boldin and Evans will, if healthy, flourish in Baltimore.

    P.S. The Ravens — offense, defense, special teams and coaches — need to bring their A-game this Sunday and for (hopefully) the two games that follow. Bring it, Houston.

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    Things That Have Gone Unnoticed With Joe Flacco

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      » Revis: 'My heart is with the Jets' NFL JERSEYS WHOLESALE

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      Revis: ‘My heart is with the Jets’

      Despite threatening a training-camp holdout because he’s unhappy with his current contract, New York Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis claimed Wednesday he still wants to retire a Jet — if they want him, he added.

      Jets Looking for more information on the green and white? has you covered. Blog

      “That’s always been my goal,” Revis said during an Internet chat with fans on the NFL Players’ Association website. “When they drafted me, I told them this is one of the biggest things they did, and I won’t let them down. From the business side, they make the choices. they know my heart is with the Jets and Jersey and New York City. I’m here as long as I can be. if they give me the ability to have a choice, There are a variety of ranges to choose from nfl replica jersey.I’ll stay here as a Jet.”

      Revis didn’t address the issue of whether he will report to training camp buy cheap throwback nfl-football jersey and cheap jersey shop for sale from jersey wholesale online,you will save a lot of money and have good things.Aug. 1 in Cortland, N.Y. The two sides are embroiled in a contract dispute that has no end in sight.

      Revis, claiming he was promised a new deal by the Jets, wants to be the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL, topping the Oakland Raiders’ Nnamdi Asomugha ($16 million per year). Revis is due to make $1 million in 2010, with a total of $20 million in 2011 and 2012 — assuming the Jets execute a simple, two-year buy back option.

      The Jets have said they’d like to give Revis an extension as long as it’s “within reason,” and they’re believed to be offering him in the $11 million-to-$13 million-a-year range. The problem, according to Revis, is that the offer contains no fully-guaranteed money.

      The Jets are somewhat restricted by the reallocation rule, which states that an extension in an uncapped year can include future guarantees against skill and injury only to the amount of leftover cap room in 2009. For the Jets, it’s not much — roughly $300,000. Therefore, Revis would have to accept a guarantee against skill or injury, but not both.

      However, the Jets can avoid that restriction simply by giving Revis a huge signing bonus, which is possible this year because there’s no cap. but the Jets don’t want to do that, according to league sources. as a result, Rex Ryan could be without his best defensive player when camp opens.

      Ah, but there’s another hitch: if Revis doesn’t show, he will jeopardize a future guarantee. According to a clause in his contract, the $20 million for ‘11 and ‘12 goes from guaranteed to non-guaranteed if he’s a no-show.

      Revis, who has been training at a performance center in Arizona, claimed his contract mess won’t distract him from performing on the field.

      “My contract situation is different from me being the best,” he said. “I believe that I’m the best. The only thing that I can control is how it is not a good idea but choose a cubs jersey.hard I work in the offseason. I’m a laid-back guy. I try and stay positive and make sure things in my life go that way.”

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      » Revis: 'My heart is with the Jets' NFL JERSEYS WHOLESALE

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