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Victims Left on Hook for Unauthorized Charges: Chargebacks911 Points to Sony Chargeback Policy as Evidence of Pervasive Fraud

Tampa Bay, FL (PRWEB) March 25, 2015

Earlier this month, PlayStation users found that their PlayStation Network accounts had been hacked, and that “the hackers had made hundreds of dollars’ worth of fraudulent purchases”. (1) Unfortunately for the victims, they were given just two choices by Sony: “pay hundreds of dollars to cover the fraudulent charges, or dispute the charges with their banks and have their PlayStation accounts banned forever”, which would also result in the loss of all PlayStation game licenses they had already purchased. According to Chargebacks911, the fraud reported would have been, under normal circumstances, the type which a customer could dispute by filing a chargeback with his or her bank; however, Sony’s stringent policy essentially prohibits users from taking this course of action without repercussions, which Chargebacks911 says is a direct result of friendly fraud.

Chargebacks were created as a means of consumer protection and are meant to be used to remove unauthorized transactions that appear on a cardholder’s statement. But as some dishonest consumers quickly recognized chargebacks to be a method of obtaining undeserved refunds for legitimate purchases, a new term has arisen: “friendly fraud”. Friendly fraud results when a customer contacts the bank for a chargeback rather than securing a refund directly from the merchant; according to data collected by Trustev, 25% of respondents from a survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers see no problem with people committing friendly fraud, costing merchants a reported $ 11.8 billion annually. (2) Friendly fraud has become synonymous with cyber shoplifting, an alarmingly popular action that severely damages a business’s longevity. Chargebacks911 maintains that as many as 85% of all chargebacks are filed fraudulently.

As merchants have become alerted to this new trend, some have instituted policies designed to dissuade this dishonest consumer behavior. For instance, Sony’s policy states that any member of the PlayStation Network who chooses to file a chargeback will be banned from the network. The chargeback-wielding account holder will also forfeit ownership of any previously-purchased game licenses.

After hearing of Sony’s policy, Monica Eaton-Cardone, Chargeback911’s COO, stated, “Chargeback fraud puts a lot of businesses in a difficult position. Banks have adopted chargeback rules that many consumers have learned they can abuse. While I am surprised that some merchants enforce such strict policies, I understand why they put these measures in place—they often feel they have no other choice.”

Chargebacks911 goes on to report that there are very few options available for merchants victimized by friendly fraud. While many merchants offset chargeback fraud by passing the consequences on to the consumer, Sony’s unique approach unintentionally robs innocent consumers of their right to protection.

While Sony’s chargeback policy does help raise awareness of the very difficult situation merchants face on a daily basis, the true solution, per Eaton-Cardone, is educating the public and adopting industry-wide standards that encourage consumers to use chargebacks as a last resort, rather than a no-hassle solution, thereby effecting positive industry change.

Eaton-Cardone maintains that U.S. merchants, credit card issuers and consumers all have a responsibility to work together to prevent friendly fraud, since the trickle-down costs affect all of them in terms of reduced profits and increased prices. Chargebacks911 helps eCommerce merchants prevent and dispute cases of friendly fraud. The company is known for its effective methods of establishing long-term benefits for everyone in the credit card industry.

To learn more about Chargebacks911 and its dispute mitigation and risk management services, visit

About Global Risk Technologies and Chargebacks911:

Global Risk Technologies is most known for its role in payment processing solutions that cater to each side of the value chain: and The firm is headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, with offices in Ireland and Atlanta. They have approximately 350 employees worldwide and currently manage over 150MM in transactions each month, with clients located in the U.S. and Europe.

Chargebacks911 is a division of Global Risk Technologies, and was developed specifically for merchants, to offer immediate aid through proprietary technology and provide the necessary function that gives merchants the freedom to focus on their core competency and optimize their in house skill set. Chargebacks911 focuses on chargeback mitigation and risk management. It specializes in servicing Internet merchants and acquiring banks, offering dispute response solutions and deep analytics. Chargebacks911 works with its client base to help keep dispute rates down and retain the ability to accept credit cards. For more information, visit

1.    Abel, Jennifer. “PlayStation Network Accounts Hacked; Sony Leaves Victims Holding the Bag.” N.p., 13 Mar. 2015. Web. 24 Mar. 2015.

2.    Costa, Diogo. “Take Care: “Friendly Fraud” Is Widespread.” N.p., 22 Jan. 2015. Web. 24 Mar. 2015.

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    PlayStation 3 Vs Xbox 360 The Long Battle Continues

    Today the video game industry is dominated by three huge companies that seem to dominate the video gaming market completely, these companies are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. the battles really goes way back, from a long time ago, when the available video games consoles were nothing but simple heavy boxes, with low graphics quality, but still they were the ones dominating the gaming market back then. But from the many video game companies that came out other than Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, the time that has passed has placed a lot of the weaker ones out of business leaving today the three biggest video game companies of all time which are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but the battle just never ends between Sony and Microsoft, both fighting for the spotlight and also to lead and dominate this industry. It seems like the battle just begun.

    Sony has held the tittle of the best video game maker for many years consecutively, while comparing to Microsoft. a few years ago we had PlayStation 2 already out in a battle against Microsoft’s original console the Xbox. only a few would dare to mention that Xbox was better than PlayStation 2, but a few years later when Microsoft released the amazing Xbox 360 all eyes were amazed and Xbox 360 held the attention of the media and gamers for more than a year. Xbox 360 came out with all the power that a new generation console could handle, beautiful graphics and just a super fast processor, among many other great features..

    As time passed by after the release of the Xbox 360 millions of people worldwide, both media and gamers were already expecting the arrival of the new PlayStation 3, many gamers already knew what were some of the features of the new machine but no one had had a first up close view of the console until it finally came out, been released in Japan on November 11, 2006 around 07:00am and reaching it’s release in the United States on November 17, 2006.

    When Microsoft was faced with Sony’s latest video game console, their whole comparison chart was simply destroyed, PS3 came out with features that Xbox 360 couldn’t even come close, and some of these features were a beautiful top of the line built-in Blu-ray player, a fast Wifi built-in networking card and an amazing backwards compatibility. Sony had invested so much on their console that they were selling their units below cost price. Meaning the were losing hundreds of dollars on every sale But thankfully after this though time passed Sony was able to withstand the barriers created and have prosperity coming their way.

    Just as the years passed so did the age of both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, allowing each company to deliver improvements and new features in their consoles. Xbox 360 was upgraded to the new Xbox 360 Slim, which includes many of the powerful features that PS3 carries, but it includes a faster built in Wifi card, way faster than PS3’s original wifi card. PlayStation’s latest model is also a Slim version, but includes basically the same features, but PS3 today is still considered more powerful and better than Xbox 360.

    PlayStation 3 Vs Xbox 360 The Long Battle Continues

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      Does The Playstation 3 Have Overheating Problems?

      For Sony things weren’t looking so great going back to the Tokyo Games Show in September 2006. Sony was unveiling their eagerly anticipated new PlayStation 3 games system, and the demo units were spluttering and dying left and right. this was essentially bad news considering the recent recall of Sony’s lithium ion batteries.

      The problem was simply that the PlayStation 3 console was overheating. A representative from an equities company was the first to report it and soon after, everybody in gaming industry was talking about the new PS3′ overheating problem.

      Actually, there were several reasons why the consoles were taking to overheating, that did not really have anything to do with the design of the machines themselves. To start with, the Tokyo Game Show was extremely hot. Anyone that’s visited Japan in September will know that it’s a brutal time of the year, and the venue was lacking air-conditioning. There were 200 PlayStation 3 all in action close to one another, which is probably poor planning on the part of the organizers. To make things worse, all the consoles were sealed in cases to prevent anybody from peeking into the machine. this means that unfortunately there was no way that the exhaust fans, which were reportedly operating just fine, could get rid of all that heat.

      It seems obvious that with 200 consoles in sealed cases in sweltering conditions that they would overheat. still, it looked very bad. Representatives from Sony were all over the place during October stating that there weren’t any overheating issues and many gamers were sceptical.

      To make things worse for Sony was the recent recall of the lithium ion batteries, which are mostly used within there Vaio Laptops. The batteries were overheating and bursting into flames this resulted in a massive recall of nearly seven million batteries being returned, and this was a massive financial blow to Sony. Critics commented that Sony was actually aware of this problem but didn’t act quickly enough, and if they had, the recall may have been avoided. taking all this into account, it did effect Sony’s reputation pretty badly, combined with the overheating demos at the Tokyo Game Show looked much worse. With batteries exploding and the new PlayStation console choking away, many investors decided to pull out. at that time, Sony’s share price dropped 2.75%

      Now, since the release of the PlayStation 3 console late last year, how many machines have been over heating? The good news seems to be that nobody has reported their machines over heating. It may have been just a fluke. In view of the variety of reasons why the consoles were getting over heated at the Tokyo Game Show, none of which seems to be down to the machines themselves, and all lack of consumer confidence and bad press blew it way out of proportion.

      It has been experienced by many gamers that after prolonged gaming, sometimes 48 hours straight (more or less), playing various games on the PlayStation 3, there was no trouble to report. The fans continued to run quietly, there was warm air coming out of the back, it got hot as all consoles do, but not too hot, and no overheating trouble was noticed. The only problems were bleary eyes, backs and thumbs, and delirium due to a complete lack of sleep and video game overdose.

      Finally, if you don’t believe the lack of PlayStation 3 overheating problems, check out the gaming forums, you won’t hear anything about PS3 on these issues.

      For more information on the PlayStation 3 try visiting, a popular games console website that provides console news, tips, and game reviews for the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

      Does The Playstation 3 Have Overheating Problems?

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        PlayStation Blogcast 036: The Best Games of 2012 (So Far)

        + AsiaQatar on August 2nd, 2012 at 10:10 pm said:

        No way this will ever happen, but I’d like to hear you guys talk about the Investor Meeting Sony just held, and what’s going to be done in regards to ‘righting the ship’ in the next Quarter/Year.

        Sony needs money. we have money. how does Sony plan on getting us to throw it at you?

        Because discounts on Hydrophobia and Cuboid every other week surely aren’t working. Not being a bastard, I’m a huge Sony supporter, believe me. I wouldn’t mention it if I didn’t care.

        There has GOT to be profit made ffrom selling infinite copies of digital games, so why not something huge like a 50% off sale on Store items for the duration of a month? Two weeks even.

        And coming from someone who doesn’t yet own a Vita, get that PS One Classics bit sorted out.There’s money out there. Take it!!

        PlayStation Blogcast 036: The Best Games of 2012 (So Far)

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          Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone reviews

          The Samsung Galaxy S3 initially thoughts, and might it actually compete with the iPhone? In this quick smartphone overview will take a look.

          Apple is definitely the world-wide market leader with regards to, well, just about all they produce! However, if there does exist one company as well as one product which could possibly compete with them inside the smartphone market, then it is Samsung, together with their completely new Galaxy S3.

          Samsung currently is officially the world’s major smartphone manufacturer, seizing the mantle away from battling Swede’s Nokia. You possibly can declare that it’s kind of similar to the Premier League now, some sort of a couple horse race in between Apple and Samsung, together with the likes of Nokia, Sony and HTC battling against each other for the title of ‘best of the rest.’ However the South Korean giant is totally different compared to the American powerhouse.

          While Apple have concentrated on developing just about every minor piece that’s a bit perfected, Samsung have actually progressed away and made sure they begin to develop a product which isn’t only successful at rivalling the iPhone, but also seizing it. In the near smartphone reviews this will be proven.

          In the upcoming smartphone reviews of the S3 it’s very clear it features a 4.8-inch display which might be regarded extraordinarily big within the smartphone sector – nevertheless it continues to be incredibly sleek and furthermore, with 133 grams, it’s extremely lightweight, which means you don’t feel as if you’re holding some sort of brick all-around inside your own pants pocket all day long.

          The stand apart feature inside the most recently released offering may perhaps be the 8-megapixel camera in which, Samsung incorporates “zero shutter lag” and also a burst speed of 3.3 pictures per second for as much as 20 images.

          The quad-core CPU is noticeably much faster, and much more power sufficient, than in the past, as well as plays high-def videos with virtually no frustrating shakes or the dreadful ‘buffering.’ Video playback is undoubtedly served because of the Super HD Amoled display, which in turn sets Apple’s retina screen function in the shadows.

          The battery power lifespan should and I stress the SHOULD be much better compared to most of other smartphone reviews which includes the iPhone, which is assisted due to energy-efficient CPU. that isn’t to suggest that it’ll endure for three straight days of Tweeting, tossing birds or e-mailing, nevertheless it’s definitely greater than a considerable number of its competitors.

          One excellent feature exposed during the unveiling in London has been the “social” imaging. any time you create an image, the S3 has the capacity to scan the face area of the subject and also offer you to deliver it to the particular person. In a similar fashion to Apple’s iPhoto feature.

          So could it compete with the iPhone? Definitely. the signs are awesome, however at this moment most are on paper, typed up by the manufacturers. we will have to expect a couple of things really: initially, the primary reaction from the public when they read the smartphone reviews; and second, and the most crucially, specifically just what exactly the iPhone 5 is like, (due later this current year incidentally) nevertheless Apple must come up with a product which will boosts its lead, instead of just merely maintaining it.

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          Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone reviews

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