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iPhone 4 – 16GB or 32GB?

Apple once again rewrote the book on how to build a successful smartphone in the middle of 2010 with the launch of the iPhone 4. With an overhauled design that looks more premium than even its own precursors and brand new software and hardware onboard, the iPhone 4 16GB is at the top of the class while most other manufacturers play catch-up. Let us take a little look under the surface gloss and see whether or not the iPhone is for you.

Glass and metal define the look and feel of the iPhone 4, with a premium sheen visible from every angle and a cleverly implemented external antenna allowing for the whole thing to be rimmed with a metal band. on the front the 3.5 inch touchscreen display shares the same dimensions with those fitted on previous iPhones but here the pixel count has been bumped up to 960×640, creating a crisp, clear picture which is superior to almost every other handset on the market. Inside the same A4 processor which powers the iPad is in residence, along with 512MB of RAM which has a significant impact on the way in which the software performs.

When choosing this phone you will need to opt for either the iPhone 4 16GB or 32GB. the doubling of storage space does give you more room to download apps and keep your media files, but you will pay a premium for the top of the range model which takes its already stratospheric price even further, so for most 16GB will be more than enough and rarely feel like a compromise.

The iPhone has never been in the running for the accolade of best cameraphone with previous generations but all this changes with the iPhone 4. here you get a five megapixel camera with LED flash which can take some competitive still images, but what makes this stand out is its ability to record HD video in 720p. This is by no means a unique feature but the quality of the video is definitely better than some of its closest rivals, which will make it a great little tool for budding directors or those who want to record funny little moments in life.

With the iPhone 4’s launch came iOS 4.0, Apple’s new operating system which adds some significant improvements without changing the underlying look and feel of the platform. Multitasking is now a real possibility, allowing users to keep third party apps running in the background while they get on with other tasks on the phone. the FaceTime app enables video calling capabilities, harnessing the forward-facing VGA camera to make chatting with friends face to face over a Wi-Fi connection a possibility. You can add to the standard software with one of the hundreds of thousands of applications available on the App Store, many of which are still free of charge.

The iPhone 4 has already become Apple’s fastest-selling smartphone and so writing in praise of it is hardly going to bulk out its sales figures. This is one handset for which the hype is justified, whether you choose the iPhone 4 16GB or 32GB.

iPhone 4 – 16GB or 32GB?

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    NYC resolution: Attract 50M-plus tourists in 2012

    New York (AP) — just days after cheering the arrival of the record-breaking 50 millionth visitor of the year to New York City, officials are starting over and counting from one.

    Now, with the New Year’s confetti cleared from Times Square and 2012 under way, the city’s promoters are back at work hoping to draw another 50 million tourists — and more — in the coming 12 months.

    With the value of the euro wavering, drawing some American travelers overseas and discouraging some Europeans from shelling out for international vacations, the year could prove challenging to those trying to lure visitors to New York City.

    Attracting these leisure visitors and their business traveler counterparts is no idle pastime for the city. Officials say New York’s tourism industry brought in $32 billion and supported about 320,000 jobs last year — a significant impact in a city that is struggling with budget shortfalls and the prospect of possible tough times for the financial sector that provides a significant portion of its tax revenue.

    “We are cognizant of the forces that we have little control over, such as the world economic situation,” said George Fertitta, the CEO of NYC & Company, the city’s tourism and marketing arm. “No one can really anticipate any of the currency fluctuations, but when we do all of our research, we still believe we’re going to grow by at least 2 percent next year.”

    Analysts, too, are upbeat about the future of an industry that has been much-promoted by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who declared in 2006 that the city would reach 50 million yearly visitors by 2015, then later moved up the deadline to 2012, only to arrive at the goal a year early.

    Since Bloomberg first announced the target, the yearly total of visitors — including day-trippers arriving from more than 50 miles away — has risen from 42.7 million in 2005 to 50.2 million in 2011 — an estimate the city arrives at, in part, through online and traveler surveys.

    Over that time, the city has outpaced other top U.S. markets, booking about 20 percent more hotel stays than it did in 2005. but during that same six-year stretch, New York’s hotel stays have grown more slowly than some of its competitor destinations around the world, such as London, Hong Kong and Berlin, according to Smith Travel Research.

    With the number of international travelers worldwide booming, the race to attract visitors has become a global undertaking, and NYC & Company has opened offices around the world to attract the prized foreign tourists. They make up 20 percent of the city’s visitors, but represent 50 percent of total visitor spending.

    England supplies more overseas visitors to New York than anywhere else — and Italy and Ireland are also on the list of 10 countries sending the most visitors to the city. So NYC & Company will be carefully monitoring the impact of Europe’s financial difficulties — as well as economic conditions at home, Fertitta says.

    His organization will be launching marketing efforts to attract people from the affected areas — emphasizing affordability, offering discounts and trying to capitalize on this year’s events. when the city hit its 50 millionth visitor of the year last month, the mayor feted a British couple at a very public press conference in Times Square, partly in the hopes of generating publicity back in England. and this year, ahead of the summer Olympics in July and August, they’ll be looking into ways to attract Londoners who want to escape the crowds.

    Fertitta says he believes that turmoil in the Middle East will also help the city, as European travelers who might otherwise have gone there turn toward New York.

    Because the city’s visitors are such a diverse group, the New York’s tourism industry is somewhat insulated from crises in individual regions. even while Europe is struggling, the number of first-time visitors to the city — many of them from emerging markets such as Brazil, where people are finding themselves increasingly able to afford the trip — has been growing.

    “The tourism industry is less sensitive than conventional wisdom says to the currency transactions,” Bloomberg argued recently. “The determinants that are going to keep us getting tourists here are safe streets, clean streets, great parks, great cultural institutions, but most importantly the people who live in this city.”

    New York City has benefited from an image shift over the last 15 years or so — due partly to real drops in crime and quality-of-life improvements, as well as shifts in perception, as gritty TV crime shows gave way to series like “Friends” and “Sex and the City.”

    The city is working to encourage and capitalize on that image makeover. one advertising campaign — titled “Just Ask the Locals” — sought to fight the perception that New Yorkers were rude. now, NYC & Company is working to overcome the idea that the city is too crowded and unsafe to be a good destination for kids.

    As part of an effort to siphon the family travelers who have traditionally gravitated toward the city’s primary domestic tourism rival, Orlando, NYC & Company has started advertising itineraries for children and running promotional campaigns involving popular cartoon characters. The strategy is working, Fertitta says.

    The city organization is also targeting other groups of domestic visitors, launching a campaign centered around same-sex marriage in the hopes of attracting more gay visitors and also turning its focus to baby boomer retirees.

    And the city promoters will be working on convincing travelers at home and abroad that, despite any currency shifts, New York is a good bargain. It is a relatively new idea for a city that is legendary for its high rents and living costs.

    But the city has indeed become an easier destination for travelers without big wallets, said John Fox, senior vice president at travel firm PKF Consulting. The number of New York City hotel rooms has grown 24 percent since 2006 to roughly 90,000, and rooms in central Manhattan costing $150 to $200 have multiplied — an option that was unheard of just a few years ago, when a visitor could easily pay $400 per night outside of Manhattan.

    Fox argues that shift has helped the city’s tourist boom.

    “There’s more rooms available at a more reasonable price point, so I think that’s opened up the market significantly,” he said.

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    NYC resolution: Attract 50M-plus tourists in 2012

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      200 North Shore teens hunger for justice

      April 2, good Friday, and April 3, Holy Saturday, teens from St. John’s in Swampscott and 10 other area Catholic parishes will take a stand against hunger and poverty at both the local and international levels.

      More than 200 teens are expected to gather at St. Mary’s in Lynn to help save the lives of hundreds of children around the world, especially earthquake victims in Haiti and Chile.

      Hunger for Justice is a program that allows young people to make a significant impact on the problem of world hunger. By pledging to go without food, cell phones, iPods and the comforts of home for more than 24 hours, participants not only raise money to help alleviate human suffering, but also gain a limited understanding of how it feels to experience hunger.

      They will persevere through nearly 30 hours together, keeping busy overnight with prayer, sharing, games, music, dancing and reflection.

      These committed teens will begin their journey with a period of reflection at Short Beach, Nahant, on Friday afternoon. They will carry a full-size cross up the hill to St. Thomas Aquinas Church, where they will join in the good Friday services.

      Later in the evening, they will sleep on the St. Mary’s gym floor in makeshift cardboard huts. Rising early Saturday morning, they will participate in myriad service projects, including distribution of donated sandwiches and new socks to the homeless on the streets of Boston and working in Lynn-area shelters and social service agencies.

      Hunger for Justice will conclude with the teens’ returning to their home parishes for the Easter Vigil and a party afterward. Teens who have participated in this retreat in the past refer to it as one of the best experiences of their lives.

      The students have been encouraging their fellow teens at area high schools to join in this incredible and important experience for several years. The handful of students participating a few years ago quickly grew to 80 last year and will more than double to 200 this year.

      Each participant will gather pledges for every hour he or she fasts. Last year they raised enough money to fund a water tower in Kenya. One of this year’s target beneficiaries is Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Deschapelles, Haiti, where the local population of 300,000 has grown to nearly one-half million people since the earthquake, as refugees have flooded the area. a local physician with ties to the hospital will ensure all monies are applied directly to relief efforts.

      Inspired by Youth Minister Andrea Alberti, St. Thomas Religious Education Coordinator Kathy Marini, and a host of parent volunteers, the students have proudly worn shirts bearing the messages, “Got Jesus?” and “He Died for You, Live for Him.”

      Their commitment to the cause of social justice has been infectious, to the point where parishes all over the North Shore are calling and asking to participate in the program. This year, the group has finally outgrown its first home in the St. Thomas Church Hall in Nahant, where Fr. Terence Curley was a gracious host and supporter for many years.

      The group will move to St. Mary’s, where Msgr. Paul Garrity has generously offered space to the teens. Fr. Thomas Rafferty, pastor of both St. Thomas Church in Nahant and St. John the Evangelist Church in Swampscott parishes, will take an active role in the program, as will Fr. Matthew Williams, a member of the Boston Archdiocesan Office for the new Evangelization of Youth and Young Adults.

      Participating parishes include: St Mary’s and St. Pius V, Lynn; St Thomas Aquinas, Nahant; St. John the Evangelist, Swampscott; our Lady of the Assumption, Lynnfield; Immaculate Conception, Salem; St. Margaret’s, Saugus; St Adelaide’s, Peabody; Immaculate Conception, Newburyport; our Lady of Hope, Ipswich; and St. Columbkille’s, Brighton.

      Monetary donations in any amount can be sent to St. Thomas Aquinas Church, 248 Nahant Road, Nahant, MA 01908. please note on checks that the donation is for Hunger for Justice.

      200 North Shore teens hunger for justice

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