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Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Galaxy Note 2: Brief Comparison of Smartphone & Phablet

The mobile manufacturers are flooding the market with wide range of mobiles creating a huge confusion among the buyers. two months ago, Samsung had launched its smartphone named Galaxy S III and it still remains the hot favorite of everyone than any other smartphones available in the market. now, Samsung is all set to add a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note, which is expected to be named as ‘Galaxy Note 2’. the Note 2 is yet to be announced and there is not much detail available regarding its specifications. the Galaxy S III is a smartphone whereas Galaxy Note 2 will be a ‘Phablet’. to get an exact idea about the specifications of the phone, take a look at the comparison made below.

Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy S III features Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as its Operating system with TouchWiz user interface that includes apps like S Voice and Smart Stay. however, Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to offer faster and a stable experience to the users. Google had officially unveiled Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in late June, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 might run on this latest version. it is also possible that Note 2 might run first on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and then slowly get upgraded to Jelly Bean.

Form Factor & Display

The Samsung Galaxy S3 sports 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which means the pixel per inch ratio (PPI) rests at 306. it has a dimension of 136.6 mm x 70.7 mm x 8.6 mm. Wide guesses are made regarding the display of Samsung Galaxy Note 2. As per the rumor, it is expected that the device will sport 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD display. Note 2 might feature large screen compared to the Galaxy Note.


Galaxy S3 is powered by 1.4 GHz quad core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with an Exynos 4 Quad SoC and a Mali-400 GPU. considering the RAM, few models of S III features 1 GB of RAM while others have an impressive 2 GB. it is expected that the Galaxy Note 2 will have some of the features of S III in terms of its processor i.e. 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 and Mali-400 GPU. Rumors state that it might feature Exynos 5250 SoC. There is no information regarding the amount of RAM.

Camera Quality

S III features 8 Megapixel camera at the back with zero shutter lag, LED flash, auto-focus and image stabilization, which records HD video in 1080p. it also has an impressive front camera of 1.9 Megapixels that records HD video at 720p. Samsung might improve the camera sensor to capture clearer image. While Galaxy Note 2 might feature a 12 or 13 Megapixel camera at rear, which clearly means that the camera quality of Note 2 might exceed the S III considerably.

Connectivity Options

The Samsung Galaxy S III offers amazing connectivity options than any other smartphones available in the market and it supports HSPA+, GSM, 3.5 mm audio jack, UMTS networks, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, and micro USB port. on the other hand, Galaxy Note 2 is likely to come with 4G LTE support and it is expected to have the similar connectivity options like the Galaxy S III.

Internal & External Storage

S III is available with different internal storage capacities. the storage capacity ranges from 16 GB to 32 GB, while a microSD slot of 64 GB version is expected to come soon for S III. whereas it is expected that Note 2 might have the same storage capacity as the Galaxy Note along with 64 GB external card.

Pricing and Release Info

Samsung Galaxy S III has been out for over two months and it is offered at a price tag of Rs. 38400. Galaxy Note 2 is expected to release in October or November and there are no details on the pricing of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Galaxy Note 2: Brief Comparison of Smartphone & Phablet

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    Verizon set to sell Android 4.0 Pantech Marauder for $50

    Verizon Wireless will sell the Android 4.0 Pantech Marauder smartphone for $49.99, after rebate, with a two-year service agreement starting Thursday.

    the Pantech Marauder smartphone.

    the phone joins a growing list of subsidized sub-$100 smartphones sold by U.S. carriers to lure first-time users — and gain a two-year contract. the minimum Verizon Wireless Share everything plan — offering unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data — for the Marauder and other smartphones costs $90 per month.

    Even so, the Maurader has a robust 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and can run on Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network that’s now widely available.

    while some high-end smartphones offer large, high definition touchscreens, the Marauder’s is 3.8-in. and only has a 480 x 800 resolution. (By comparison, the recently-released Samsung Galaxy S III has a 4.8-in. touchscreen with 720 x 1280 pixels and is available from Verizon for $199.99 with a two-year agreement.)

    Verizon described the Marauder as “the perfect crossover choice for basic phone customers switching to a smartphone.” it has both a touchscreen and a physical slide-out Qwerty keyboard, as well as a 5-megapixel camera for photos, video and video chat.

    the Marauder touchscreen has two interfaces.

    one, called Starter mode, is simplified for first-time smartphone users. it has four home screens with pre-set widgets and a quick-dialer icon for making calls directly from the home screen.

    the other interface, called Standard mode, has seven fully customizable home screens. Users can move from Starter to Standard and back again, without losing any settings.

    Marauder measures 3.8-in x 2.57-in. x 0.46-in. and weighs a mere 6.1 ounces. the battery is 1,680 mAh, and is rated to provide 490 minutes of usage.

    all the U.S. carriers are adding to their stock of affordable smartphones subject to a contract.

    Verizon’s Web site alones lists 14 phones under $100 with a two-year agreement. some have been on the market for several months to a year, such as the $99.99 Galaxy Nexus and the Droid Charge, also priced at $99.99. Even the popular iPhone 4 with 8 GB of storage sells for $99.99.

    Verizon also sells three phones for $50 with a two-year contract, two for $30 and the one, the XperiaPlay, for $20. Both the BlackBerry Curve and HTC Rhyme are currently offered for free with a two-year agreement.

    Matt Hamblen covers mobile and wireless, smartphones and other handhelds, and wireless networking for Computerworld. Follow Matt on Twitter at @matthamblen, or subscribe to Matt’s RSS feed . His e-mail address is

    Read more about smartphones in Computerworld’s Smartphones Topic Center.

    Verizon set to sell Android 4.0 Pantech Marauder for $50

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      Apple exaggerating Samsung’s smartphone profits: expert

      San Jose, California: A financial expert said Apple inc has overstated the profit margins earned by Samsung Electronics Co ltd for mobile products, an issue that goes to the heart of the high profile patent trial between the two tech companies.

      Michael Wagner, an accountant who testified on Thursday for Samsung, said Samsung’s US profits from the smartphones and tablets targeted in the case should be calculated at about 12 percent, or about $519 million.

      Earlier in the trial, an Apple expert witness testified the US margin was closer to 35.5 percent.

      Apple and Samsung are going toe-to-toe in a patents dispute that mirrors a bigger struggle for industry supremacy between the rivals that control more than half of worldwide smartphone sales.

      Apple accuses Samsung of copying the design and some features of its iPad and iPhone, and is asking for a sales ban in addition to monetary damages. South Korea’s Samsung, which is trying to expand in the United States, says Apple infringed several patents, including some for its key wireless technology.

      If the nine member jury finds that Samsung violated Apple’s design patents, the damages Apple might recoup will partly depend on how much profit Samsung earned during the period it knew it should not be using the technology.

      Earlier this week, Apple expert Terry Musika said Samsung earned 35.5 percent margins from mid-2010 through March 2012, or $8.16 billion in US revenue. Apple is seeking over $2.5 billion overall in the case.

      However, Wagner testified on Thursday that Musika did not take into account many of Samsung’s costs, including marketing, which reduced the profits. his 12 percent figure assumes a period beginning in April 2011 for most of the mobile products.

      Under cross examination from Apple attorney Michael Jacobs, Wagner acknowledged the cost information on which he relied had been prepared by Samsung specifically in response to the Apple litigation.

      However, Wagner said Samsung had never needed to break out such specifics before.

      “I have no problem with the way they allocated costs,” Wagner added.

      The case in US District Court, Northern District of California, is Apple inc v Samsung Electronics Co ltd et al, no. 11-1846.


      Apple exaggerating Samsung’s smartphone profits: expert

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        NEW YORK: Google cutting 4,000 jobs at Motorola unit

        NEW YORK — Google Inc. is making its largest round of layoffs ever as it announced plans to cut about 4,000 jobs at Motorola Mobility just three months after buying the struggling cellphone pioneer.

        The move isn’t surprising given years of plummeting sales at Motorola, but it signals that Google doesn’t intend to drag Motorola along as a money-losing venture.

        After the announcement, Google’s stock rose $18.01, or 2.8 percent, to close Monday at $660.01.

        The reductions represent about 20 percent of Motorola Mobility’s 20,000 employees and 7 percent of Google’s overall work force. Google says two-third of the job cuts will take place outside of the U.S.

        Google, which has been growing for more than a decade, doesn’t have a history of mass layoffs. in previous rounds of layoffs, Google at most had cut a few hundred workers.

        Motorola, however, cut thousands of jobs in recent years as its cellphone division saw sales plummet. although it pioneered the U.S. cellphone industry in the 1980s, it hasn’t produced a mass-market hit since it introduced the Razr cellphone in 2004. Once the second-largest phone maker in the world, Motorola no longer ranks in the top 5.

        Motorola now makes phones that run on Google’s Android operating software, but rivals such as Samsung Electronics Co. have been more successful at it.

        Motorola split into two in early 2011. Google snapped up Motorola Mobility, the half that makes cellphones and cable set-top boxes, for $12.4 billion. Motorola Solutions, which makes police scanners and other professional products, remains a separate company.

        The Motorola deal is Google’s largest acquisition ever and plunges it into the business of consumer products. it puts Google in a position of competing with the same companies it considers partners.

        Google has pledged to keep the Motorola hardware business separate from its Android software division and promised to treat Motorola like an outside company. it turned to AsusTek Computer Inc. rather than its own division to make a Google-branded tablet computer called Nexus 7.

        Google’s chief goal in buying Motorola was to use its large patent portfolio to bolster its legal defenses.

        Apple has been suing Samsung, Motorola and other makers of Android smartphones, saying they copied the iPhone. By acquiring Motorola’s patents and transferring them to Android phone makers such as HTC Corp., Google can bolster their legal defenses and set them up to counter-sue Apple.

        Morgan Stanley analyst Scott Devitt wrote in a morning report, before Google’s announcement, that he believes Google is limiting its ambitions for Motorola Mobility, a strategy he believes to be good for investors. Devitt expects Google to curtail Motorola to producing just a few smartphone designs per year and perhaps some tablets as well.

        Before the acquisition, Motorola had been trying to turn itself around by focusing on smartphones, which have higher profit margins than regular cellphones. in the first quarter, Motorola sold 5.1 million smartphones and 3.7 million “dumb” phones. The cuts announced Monday will shift the company toward smartphones even further.

        The migration toward smartphones has slowed Motorola’s decline, but it has still lost money in 14 out of the past 16 quarters.

        Google said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that the latest cuts are intended to make the business profitable. but the company warned that investors should expect revenue to fluctuate over the next few quarters, and sales will drop before the cost savings take effect.

        Severance payments will cost Google about $275 million, which will largely be charged in the current quarter. The company also expects to book an unspecified amount in restructuring charges, mostly in the quarter.

        Google also said it will close or consolidate about one-third of its 90 locations.

        Motorola announced in June that it would move its headquarters from the Chicago suburb of Libertyville to downtown Chicago.

        NEW YORK: Google cutting 4,000 jobs at Motorola unit

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          Apple’s margins on the iPhone 2x that of the iPad — Apple News, Tips and Reviews

          Thanks to its upcoming courtroom showdown with Samsung, we get an unusual peek into Apple’s finances. Documents unsealed for next week’s trial detail the gross margins for Apple’s two most important products, the iPhone and iPad. it turns out that Apple’s iPhone margins, or the difference between selling price and cost, are nearly double that of the iPad.

          According to the Reuters report:

          • Apple recorded $33 billion in revenue from iPhones between April 2010 and March 2012.
          • Its gross margins on the iPhone during that time period ranged between 49 and 58 percent.
          • From October 2010 through March 2012, Apple generated $13 billion in iPad revenue.
          • iPad margins were generally between 23 and 32 percent.

          Apple doesn’t publicly break down its gross margins by product, which is why a peek like this is so tantalizing to customers, investors and competitors. these numbers help illustrate why investors care so much more about how many iPhones Apple sells – even though the price of the most expensive iPad is slightly more than the most expensive iPhone (unsubsidized).

          These gross margins don’t translate to pure profit, since they don’t account for some other related costs, such as marketing and support. but, they do show that Apple has better maximized the difference between how much it pays to build an iPhone versus how much it can sell it for compared with the iPad — but, to be fair, Apple has been selling its smartphone for two and a half years longer than its tablet. still, these numbers reinforce that the iPhone remains the company’s mobile profit center and is far more important to its bottom line.

          Apple’s margins on the iPhone 2x that of the iPad — Apple News, Tips and Reviews

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