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Apple iPhone 5 Rumors Updated: October Launch, Revamped Unibody Case, Tweaked CPU and Other Features

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As noted by Redmond Pie, the report in Maeil Business Newspaper also stated that the order for the next iPhone “has led Foxconn to begin a massive recruitment drive to ensure that enough hands are on deck in order to meet Apple's release schedule” in October.

While there is no official word on when the upcoming iteration of the Apple iPhone is finally arriving, chances of a fall launch look stronger than that of a summer launch.

Strong iPhone 4S Sales

The iPhone 5 News Blog says that Apple would be inclined to pull the trigger on a June iPhone 5 release, had there been a decrease in the iPhone 4S sales, but there's hardly any sign of that so far. “In Apple's fiscal first quarter ending Dec. 31, 2011, the company reported iPhone sales of 37 million, an increase of 128% year-over-year, and the 4S was only released in some markets as recently as January.”

The site quoted a recent Gartner report, saying that “Apple had an exceptional fourth quarter, selling 35.5 million smartphones to end users, a 121.4 percent increase year on year.” the market research firm also predicted that “Apple's performance in the smartphone sector would continue through the first quarter of 2012 as availability of the iPhone 4S widened, although with residual pent-up demand pretty much fulfilled, iPhone 4S sales would no longer benefit from that factor as they had in Q4 2011, and its analysts projected sales declining somewhat quarter-on-quarter.”

Letting iPhone 4S Users Complete a Year in Carrier Contracts

Unlike a summer release, the fall release of the next iPhone would ensure that the owners of the current iPhone 4S have completed at least a year into their carrier contracts, according to iDownload Blog. It will “allow most of them to purchase a new iPhone at the subsidized price.” Releasing the new iPhone before the holidays would also help Apple record good sales.

iOS 6 and WWDC 2012

iMore's Rene Ritchie, who claims to have “valuable sources from within Apple” under his reach predicted an October 2012 release for the next-gen iPhone in March. Ritchie is known for his solid track record with Apple-related news. In August 2011, he correctly predicted that Apple was going to release its then next iPhone in the first week of October and that the phone would be called “iPhone 4S,” not “iPhone 5.” In addition, Ritchie also foretold the new iPad's March 7 unveiling.

Regarding a new version iOS, accompanying the iPhone 5, Ritchie said that every new iPhone launch has seen the release of a new OS version next to it. While there has not been any exact information on how large an update Apple might be planning for iOS 6, “9 months doesn't sound like a lot of time for even a modest release.”

“If Apple announces an iOS 6 SDK event this spring, like they did from 2008 to 2010, then we may start getting an idea,” Ritchie said. “If iOS 6 isn't introduced to developers until WWDC, presumably in the summer like 2011, then a fall release would seem a certainty.”

Apple iPhone 5 Feature Rumors Updated

There was a flurry of iPhone-related rumors on Monday, ranging from the device's form factor and display to its internals including the processor and memory.

Revamped 'Sleek' Unibody and 4-inch Screen: The new rumor goes that the next Apple iPhone will sport a new form factor that “could employ a single unibody frame reminiscent of the company's MacBook lineup,” AppleInsider reported.

As noted by the report, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White issued a note to investors Monday with details he said he picked up on a tour of suppliers in China and Taiwan. during the trip, he learned that “some suppliers will begin production in June of certain components of Apple's sixth-generation iPhone, setting up for a product launch in the fall.”

“In our view, this will be the most significant iPhone upgrade with a four-inch screen and a new, sleek look that we believe will require a Unibody case,” White wrote. “This new, sleek look will be the most important reason that consumers decide to upgrade.”

He also expected that the device would feature high-speed 4G LTE connectivity, just like the new iPad.

“Unibody designs are becoming the norm for Android handset makers, with HTC recently producing the impressive one X handset. Apple is expected to offer a similar unibody design, too, and that could prove to be the basis for another Jonny Ive classic, according to reports,” said Redmond Pie.

However, the prediction about a 4-inch screen contradicts with earlier reports. While some previous reports suggested that the phone would sport a large 4.6-inch screen, recent reports said that Apple would consider the current 3.5-inch screen size. Some other sources also said that the device would sport Quantum Dot LED curved glass edge-to-edge display with 1280 x 720 resolutions (367ppi).

Tweaked CPU and 1GB RAM: 9to5mac reported Monday that new models of the iPhone and iPod touch are already in the works.

“Apple has internally seeded a prototype next-generation iPhone with the iPhone 4 design. the actual next-generation iPhone is specifically said to not include the iPhone 4/4S design, but Apple is testing these new devices in older casings to throw off leaks,” said the report.

According to it, the iPhone prototypes had “a variation of the A5X's S5L8945X architecture” and like the new iPad, they were also “packing 1GB of RAM.”

“This prototype is labeled N96 internally, but we're not sure if this internal codename will carry over to the actual next-generation iPhone. again, this iPhone that we are describing is an internal-only unit built for testing the performance of a new chip in an iPhone, not an actual phone that Apple will produce,” the report added.

Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog thinks that the variant in question is “probably not an 'A5X' per-se, but an entirely new processor dedicated to the device's smaller form factor, and less visually intensive needs.

Earlier reports suggested that the sixth generation iPhone would feature an A6 processor. It was expected to be a superfast 1.2 to 1.5 GHz processor with 1GB or more of RAM to offer amazing processing capabilities to the smartphone.

Other Rumored Features: As far as the ever-increasing rumor mill is concerned, other features that are likely to be added to the iPhone include an 8 megapixel (or even higher) camera with the ability to take pictures in the panorama mode, a 2 megapixel front-facing camera for video chatting, iOS 6, 4G LTE technology, near Field Communication (NFC) technology and much improved battery life.

As mentioned by White in his note, Apple's new iPhone launch in the latter half of this year is expected to be “extraordinary”. With a new look and updated features, White sees the next iPhone launch “dwarfing previous launches” and taking AAPL stock closer to Topeka's $1,001 price target.

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Apple iPhone 5 Rumors Updated: October Launch, Revamped Unibody Case, Tweaked CPU and Other Features

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    5 Deals to Look Forward to in 2012

    Consumers fed up with rising prices on fuel, food and other purchases will be happy to find that some things may actually be cheaper in the new Year.

    The same economic uncertainty that’s driving many prices up has also created a handful of silver linings for consumers — particularly those planning a big-ticket purchase or trip in the short term, says Jack Plunkett, chief executive of market research firm Plunkett Research. Growing competition between web and bricks-and-mortar retailers has also generated more deals beyond the usual roster of furniture and household linens sales that pop up every January. “What we’re going to find, long-term, is that you get your best deals on the Internet,” says independent retail analyst Jeff Green. But for now retailers are “trying to keep people in stores for as long as they can.” That means more sales.

    Shoppers will still need to exercise caution, experts say. One category’s price break is often counterbalanced by rising fees in a different area. One example: Rising charges for cellphone data use often eclipse price cuts on text-message plans. “Little savings here and there may not help much,” Plunkett says. But here are some deals that could help consumers keep their budget in check in 2012.

    Consumer electronics

    Prices typically drop in January and February as manufacturers introduce the latest in computers, televisions and other devices. That’s likely to accelerate this year as stores look to better compete with web sites, Green says. TV prices in particular continue to drop. During the last few months of 2011 the average price of a 42″ LCD screen fell below $500 for the first time, reports market research firm NPD Group. in 2010, the average price was closer to $600.

    Shoppers may find that the deals don’t extend to all orders or categories, says Lindsay Sakraida, features director of deal-tracking site Shortages have increased prices on components such as hard drives. other items are cheap because they aren’t worth it: a standalone GPS, for example, is now largely redundant for smartphone users, she says.

    Text-message plans

    With the introduction of Apple’s iMessage and other apps that let consumers message each other for free, experts say there’s little reason to shell out $10 to $50 per month for a text-message bundle. At the least that could put an extra $120 back in the budget for 2012.

    Just don’t expect it to stay there. The average smartphone user consumed 435 MB of data per month during the first quarter of 2011, according to Nielsen. That’s up 89% compared with the previous year and well above the 200MB threshold for AT&T’s and Verizon’s cheapest data plans. Verizon also nixed its unlimited data plan this year, while AT&T introduced a plan to throttle the speed of its heaviest users.

    Travel to Europe

    The European debt crisis may be a boon for travelers: one U.S. dollar currently buys 0.76 euro, up from 0.69 euro on Sept. 1. That’s enough to give travelers an edge on hotels and daily expenses, says Melissa Klurman, a contributing editor for Travelocity.

    The problem: rising fuel prices and airline capacity cuts have kept international fares moving higher. The crisis and in turn, the euro’s value — could also stabilize next year, diminishing savings for travelers who book well in advance, Plunkett says. The Continent may also be less hospitable than in years past. “European workers are disgruntled, so you might also run into a strike or two,” he says.


    Bargain bottles are becoming more prevalent as boutique wineries spring back and consumers curtail consumption, Sakraida says. “People are now less likely to spend over $30 a bottle, so wineries are focusing on lower price points,” she says. A number of new flash-sale sites also offer high-end wines at discounts of as much as 50%.

    Experts say some sales and low-priced bottles may mask so-so vintages, so it’s still important to read reviews before shelling out for a case.

    Interest rates

    Consumers planning to buy a house or a car can expect rates to stay low and maybe even go a little lower through mid-2012, Plunkett says. “This low interest-rate environment we’re in is going to be encouraged by the Federal Reserve,” he says.

    Those savings, however, might be the only break purchasers get. Automakers have projected an increase in sales next year, which could lead to sparser incentives, he says. And that same low-rate environment has also pushed down yields on checking and savings accounts, according to rate-tracking sites and “You might as well put your money in your pillow,” Plunkett says.

    5 Deals to Look Forward to in 2012

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