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Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes – Ready for an Outrageous Lady Gaga Halloween?

A Lady Gaga Halloween. she craves attention and she certainly knows how to get it. what is Halloween, if not a time to stand -out from the crowd and draw attention to yourself? That’s what this Dress up and Costume Holiday is all about. You sure don’t want to blend in with the crowd. You know that there will be hundreds, if not thousands of vampires roaming around. so, you don’t want to be just another one at the party. This would be an excellent time to explore your alter ego and become, (even for a few hours),something you would never be in your everyday life. Isn’t that what Halloween is all about? of course, it is Simple, Silly Fun.

Halloween used to be reserved for children, period. I think about age 10 and under is all that was acceptable. of course, going door to door is still for the younger group but, Halloween has blossomed into full-blown parties. It’s now become an adult party event just as much as it is for kids. Including, older teens, young adults and married couples with adult children of their own. and, why not? It’s a great time to (A Really good Excuse), attend Halloween Parties and let our hair down, dress outrageously, forget our worries and Enjoy

With that in mind, (think for a minute),who does Outrageous better than she does? No One I don’t think that most of us (including me), would want to, except for Halloween. That’s why, she is perfect for Halloween.

There are plenty of outfits and accessories to choose from. Depending on how Risque you want to be or Dare to be. everything from Wigs to Sunglasses. Gloves or Skimpy Outfits.

There are actually a few very nice Dresses that can be worn again later in the year for Spring and Summer Parties. If, you are a little bit more reserved or shy, you can always buy one of the Party Dresses, and add a nice jacket or sweater for a little more coverage.

1.Lady Gaga Star Women’s Dress

3.Lady Gaga Sequin Dress

4.Lady Gaga Sunglasses

5.Lady Gaga Heart Beats Earphones

There are many more items to choose from depending, on your price-range and budget

At times, it can be just good old-fashioned fun to step out of our normal, day to day persona ( whatever it may be), and surprise our loved ones, friends and even ourselves by projecting an entirely different attitude by the clothes we choose to wear.At least, while we are wearing our outfit.

I do like to encourage my readers to change-up their normal sense of style and try other things every once in awhile. It is very easy to get stuck in a fashion rut. Perfectly understandable, I’ve done that myself. We find a particular style or two that we’re comfortable with so, we stick with it. there is nothing wrong with that but we should branch out from time to time and at least try a few different things. You may surprise yourself with a look that suits you perfectly, something that you never would have thought would work. the odds of finding a new Look for yourself are actually pretty high. and, there is no better time than now to do that than with a Lady Gaga Halloween.

Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes – Ready for an Outrageous Lady Gaga Halloween?

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    Lady Gaga Leaks New Music In NYC Parking Garage

    Lady Gaga gave a group of her Little Monsters a tiny taste of what’s to come in the near future while she climbed into the back of an SUV in a New York City parking garage.

    Luckily for the rest of us, one fan had the presence of mind to take a 38 second video clip of the song, and Gaga herself, and posted it to YouTube. though you can’t hear the lyrics in the video, you can hear the pounding of the bass before the SUV pulls away.

    E Online reported some of the fans took to Twitter to share what went down in the parking garage.

    I asked her if it was the new single she looked at me and shook her head yes and said shhhhh

    — KILL THE BITCH(@An_niee) July 23, 2012

    The post has generated several YouTube comments from fans, largely their takes on what they think the snippet of leaked music means Gaga’s new album will sound like. at least one fan wondered why no on tried to grab the music, saying, “and no one tried to jump in the car and steal the cd?! -_- comeon monsters! haha [:”

    No release date is yet set for Gaga’s next album, but clearly she’s got something in the works.

    -Sarah Scroggins, 92.3 NOW/New York

    Lady Gaga Leaks New Music In NYC Parking Garage

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      The bar that said ‘nah’ to Gaga

      Lady Gaga ended her Melbourne tour with a gig in Northcote. Photo posted on Twitter.

      Lady Gaga and her crew may have partied til the wee hours at Northcote Social Club last night, but it was only after intimate city venue Cherry Bar had said no to the star’s entourage.

      Negotiations for the 200-capacity ACDC Lane club to host the tour after-party for one of the biggest names in pop fell down when Cherry co-owner and booker James Young insisted that Gaga’s band have the stage cleared by 9pm to make way for Mildura blues-rock two-piece Jackson Firebird, booked for week one of its Wednesday residency.

      Advertisement: story continues below

      “We honour our existing bookings to local acts,” said Young. “The firebird Cherry wants is Jackson Firebird, not Lady Gaga.”

      On Cherry Bar’s Facebook page, news that it had put the Jackson Firebird gig ahead of pop royalty had earned almost 400 ‘likes’ by 4.30pm.

      Young said Gaga’s band and crew enjoyed “a great relationship with Cherry” over previous tours. he said many had toured Australia with other artists and were familiar with the bar.

      “They’ve come in night after night, stayed very late and had a ball,” he said. “So the band approached us about having a tour after-party here.”

      In this instance, however, the band also wanted to play. When Young asked that they have the stage cleared by 9pm, they said they would rather not move their gear, and instead have the stage for the night.

      “But they were polite enough to say ‘sorry we’re going to go with Northcote Social Club’,” he said.

      Young admitted – especially after a happy snap of Gaga partying at the Northcote Social Club arrived on his phone this morning – that he “was gobsmacked and thunderstruck with the thought ‘have I done the most stupid thing in Australian music?'”

      “But I’d rather be remembered as the person who wouldn’t budge on an existing booking for a local band.”

      Cherry Bar has a long history of hosting intimate events for some of the biggest names in music. It has hosted after-parties for artists including Motorhead, Kasabian, Jack Black, Queens of the Stone Age and Oasis (on one tour, Noel Gallagher famously offered to buy the bar). The bar has also held secret shows for stars including the Black Keys, the new York Dolls, Mark Lanegan and the Tea Party.

      So the big question: how do the members of Jackson Firebird feel knowing they have, in all likelihood, dashed any chances of working with Gaga in the future?

      “I’m expecting this huge crowd at Cherry next Wednesday and I think the band will enjoy knowing and saying on stage that they were preferred by Cherry ahead of Lady Gaga,” said Young with a laugh.

      The bar that said ‘nah’ to Gaga

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        Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume – Meet Jo Calderone

        Lady Gaga has undoubtedly made a name for herself not just as a singer but also in dressing-up for arts sake. she comes up with the most outrageous outfit like the meat dress lass year.

        This is why her outfits are one of the most popular costumes every year during Halloween. this year, the more tamed (certainly more tamed than the meat costume) Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume is going to be a big hit.

        What I like most about this costume, worn by Jo Calderone, Lady Gaga’s other persona, is that it’s so easy to make one at home.

        You would obviously need a tuxedo for this Halloween costume. But remember that the main identifying characteristic of the Jo Calderone costume is the hair and the cigarette accessory.

        For the hair, you need a greaser look which was a favorite male haircut in the 1950’s – think Elvis Presley hair but with a lesser poof on the top. instead, make the front/top part of the hair a bit messy with the help of some gel and hairspray. and keep in mind that Jo Calderone wears his hair with a little bit of sideburns too.

        If you have short black hair, you can style it accordingly. however, it’s very easy to find this kind of wig online. so it’s a good idea to buy one if you have the budget for it.

        Now on to the Lady Gaga tuxedo costume. As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can easily have a tux costume by using an unused one from your father or your brother (or from you, if you have one). Alternatively, you can buy it cheaply from a second-hand shop.

        Make sure the tuxedo is black. Leave it unbuttoned and don’t forget to wear the tux with a white shirt. you can either have a long or short sleeved shirt. In the Vogue magazine shoot, Jo Calderone wore a more formal white top while during the VMA awards, he had a t-shirt on.

        Also, make sure the shirt is a little bit loose especially if you have big chest. this ensures you look more like a man than a girl dressing-up as a man.

        With the greaser hair, the cigarette and the tux, you’re now off and ready for the Lady Gaga tuxedo costume. It really is all that easy to make this costume right in your own house.

        However, if you want to go for the real deal, this Lady Gaga costume will soon be available in many costume stores both online and offline. and if you really want to buy it, youll have to wait a little longer as this costume is actually not available among many retailers yet. It seems that this fancy dress has suddenly become so in demand that shops are running out of stock.

        You can of course, pre-order them if you want them that much but otherwise, you can just make one yourself with the suggestions listed on this page. It will obviously not look as professional as the ones you can buy from a costume shop, but I think it will be just as convincing, don’t you think?

        Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume – Meet Jo Calderone

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          Lady Gaga: A Walk on the Wharf!


          There is nothing special about Lady Caca. All Lady Caa does is check Youttube to see if there are things she can copy/paste.

          Lady Caca plays boring piano. Placing your foot on top of a piano won’t make it better and won’t make you outstandingly talented.

          Lady Caca’s voice is boring and average. Where’s the amazing-ness there? Nowhere. This poor fool tries to belt and do runs, but those are always so wack, the complete opposite of epic. Whitney, Mariah and Christina Aguilera would all laugh at that mess if they had heard it.

          Lady Caca and her people write the most ridiculous and embarrassing lyrics. Lyrics are so gag-inducing it’s terrible.

          Lady Caca is a piece of shiot and anyone that disagrees with this is simply a delusional fool with horrific taste.

          Point blank, bottom line.

          Lady Gaga: A Walk on the Wharf!

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